A-Level Results Reveal Nationwide Shock

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The demand for resits has escalated for this year’s A-Level students as experts send a warning to expect lower scores than anticipated. A policy considered by many as essential - allowed students to sit the exams again once in winter followed by once in summer to boost grades – has now been withdrawn. Forcing students to take all exams in a single opportunity to pass or fail.

“The change from 2013 to 2014 means that it will be a bit of a shock to some students who got their eye in on the old arrangements and now suddenly find they have to cope with a whole year’s work.” Says the Centre for Education and Employment Research director Alan Smithers, who added “With the removal of the January exams, candidates this year are going to be examined on the whole year.”

In light of this, the road to becoming an employed professional suggests further obstacles; as universities tighten entry requirements in a bid to source the highest achieving students… as year after year universities fight to recruit the highest performing applicants; this will actually create 30,000 new positions reserved for the higher achievers as cuts are made based on graduate course completion and quality.

Interestingly, new trends in entrepreneurship emerged as high end grades dropped by 26.6 per cent in 2012 as a result of similarly introduced results designed to help control grade inflation before dipping last summer to 26.3 per cent. Results from today are yet to be released in total as many students call for results due to postal issues.

Statistical outcomes proving grade averages have declined and universities are tightening; this also presents an immediate reaction to the movements as a rise in entrepreneurship proves some students are not content by being simple bystanders - as other colleague’s will progress in front of them. Arguably, a rebellious display against the new changes which does in fact prove signs of a relentless determination to be successful.

A study by Leeds Metropolitan University shows parents also counter the new infringement to the long standing procedure, said to be offering their children:

  • A £2,000 incentive should they achieve an A* and £1,500 for an A grade
  • An average of £183 to boys achieving high results versus £124 for the girls
  • Some students have been said to be offered a car while others may enjoy a holiday

With sole trading on the rise, MBA Studies released the Top Rated MBA Entrepreneurship courses expected to hit the market in 2014/2015. The new catalogue detailed sought after internationally bodies of education, with UK locations set to be 1 and 2 on the worldwide list, followed by Greece, France and India. MBA Studies offer their services online explaining that

While earning their master’s degree in entrepreneurship, students will learn about successfully building a fundamental business foundation while developing the entrepreneurial skills they’ll need to be successful in their future careers. Students will also be educated on project building, small business management, leadership skills and innovation. Individuals can also expect to learn more about how to identify potential business opportunities and how to create businesses from the bottom up”.

Which leaves us with the final question that is the UK Government setting itself up for a marginal rebellion? Are students happy to go their own way studying online?

The benefits of studying online are becoming more apparent now as social lives are considered to have more freedom. Recent actions may result in building unwanted new trends, the very establishments which built many great traditions, could be the culprits who break them down.