Accurate Decisions Yield Accurate Results

I might, I could, I should - Growing up in a society of unlimited influences, one can find it a bit difficult to follow up on their decisions. Think about all those decisions you’ve ever made to no avail. Not surprising is the fact that many see it as a normal way of life since ‘we are all human’ and thus ‘mistakes are bound to happen’.

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This is no different from the way people have gradually come to accept procrastination as something normal that happens from time to time. In fact, I wouldn’t sound so far-fetched to conclude that some people actually enjoy procrastination, especially the thrill that comes with postponing things to the very last minute. 

Yet what we fail to understand is that as long as we are not sure of our decisions, then disappointments are bound to persist. And much more so when we procrastinate, since we never actually get to fully engage in a particular task when we are in such a hurry.


Some Basics in Regard to Inaccurate Decisions

Now, according to the Oxford English dictionary, a decision is a conclusion or resolution reached after much consideration. So, here we have a conclusion reached after much consideration which involves looking at various factors involved to see whether the decision can be delivered. Thus, when we fail to deliver on a particular decision, then it simply means that;

  • Our considerations were inaccurate

This could mean that our facts and figures weren’t accurate enough especially if the decision was hasty, reckless and quite possibly very random. Resolutions are definitely a classic example where you’ll find that people often depend on rough estimates when it comes to setting yearly goals and yet the inaccurate assessment of future events often leads to guaranteed disappointments.

  • Our style of execution was compromised

For instance, poor time management often leads to untimely executions and thus the result might not be so ripe. The scriptures talks of four major tenets of execution - do the right thing, at the right time, at the right place and for the right purpose. Of course this is easier said than done because work has this uncanny ability to come up at the most inconveniencing of times.

  • An unprecedented interruption made things go south

Everybody dreams of a perfect world where ‘if wishes were horses, beggars would ride’. As noble as this notion sounds, the real world is not quite noble in that regard. Imperfection can be used to our advantage, but not when imperfect situations spell doom and gloom for our decisions. Since it’s in those very situations that one is not in full control and thus, rude surprises come about without notice, jeopardizing our decisions.


It’s all got to do with an Accurate Perspective

Having considered the common denominators that curb our decision making process, it seems clear that inaccuracy in decision making doesn’t just apply to the moment when the decision was made. It’s all got to do with an accurate perspective from start to finish. Thus, accurate decisions yield accurate results when…

  • Our awareness of the decision is maintained to the very end.

To make a decision means to dorn a new set of clothing. Unfortunately, many forget their decision as soon as they’re done seeing the reflection on the mirror. However, as long as you are aware of the clothes you dorn, then you’ll know how to behave yourself for the rest of the day. 

Similarly, your decisions define your order of business for a particular period of time. Thus, whatever activities you indulge in from then on, are strictly focused on the end game. The awareness of your decisions then translates into the awareness of the predicament you’re facing which inevitably translate to the activities you indulge in. Couple this with the art of discipline and the end result is as assured as the decision itself.

  • The course of action is clearly defined for timely phase execution

With your awareness levels high, the next step of course is to define your next course of action with carefully calculated phases that have been allotted sufficient amounts of time. In short – don’t rush. And you won’t by the way so long as you know what you’re doing.  

This is reflected by the direction you take, navigated by the virtues of discipline and tenacious awareness of the situation at hand. So long as the facts and figures are right and your course of action is well defined, then the accuracy of your decisions is guaranteed.

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  • Our indifference to unprecedented interruptions is manifested through prudence and preparedness for emergency situations

Unfortunately, many people get easily disappointed when a major backlash to their decisions comes as a rude surprise. Again, this is all dependent upon the experience one has with tough situations coupled with the habitual response that one has developed towards them.

To throw in the towel is quite convenient but then again, the decision ends there. To get angry is to dispense your precious energy in futility since distractions can at times bring out the worst in us, especially when we get too attached to the situation.

However, the best language that can effectively tackle unprecedented interruptions is emergency preparedness. And just like accidents, emergencies tend to happen without notice, but that doesn’t mean that we fail to prepare for them.

Again, people tend to attach themselves too much to unprecedented disappointments. But with prudence, you become indifferent to such interruptions since they’re nothing but mere smokescreens to accurate decision making. As long as you play victim in tough situations, you’ll always find it convenient to blame circumstances for inaccurate decisions.


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We all love magic – the idea that I can manifest a rabbit in an instant by simply deciding to do so, sounds thrilling. But then again, we are yet to get there. However, you can decide to make magic happen in your own life by having the tenacity to follow up on your decisions to the very end and make your dreams come true with pin-point accuracy. If that’s not magic, then I don’t know what is…

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