How to Achieve Success in the Workplace

There are a number of practices job seekers can adopt to ensure that they achieve success in the workplace. The following factors will help employees achieve optimal workplace success:

Dressing for work

Employment success begins with how you present yourself. If you present yourself in a professional and approachable manner, you will be perceived in a professional and approachable manner.

Though it is important to ensure that you dress appropriately at all times in the workplace, it is equally important to be comfortable. A typical working day is long and if you are uncomfortable during your workday this will be reflected in your body language.

For men, choosing what to wear to work is relatively straightforward, whereby a smart pair of trousers, clean and ironed shirt and suit jacket are usually appropriate.

For women, a matching suit jacket and smart shirt can be mixed and matched with a pair of professional work trousers. Smart workplace dresses are also an option, whilst ‘casual days’ should be approached with caution and not taken too literally.

Getting along with others

Long hours in the office naturally lead to frustrations with colleagues. Learning how to deal with a variety of people will augment your chances of achieving workplace success. It is also important to build a positive relationship with your manager.

Learning self restraint, emotional control and ability to focus will enable you to be more successful in the workplace. Ultimately whilst at work, we are there to perform our job role in the most professional and effective manner possible, thus it is recommended to learn a little about the above techniques in order to be well perceived whilst at work. 

Though we undoubtedly build strong relationships with our colleagues, it is always best to keep discussions surrounding your personal life to a minimum. Not only is office gossip a primary element of workplace life, but people will not see you in a professional light if you continuously discuss matters pertaining to your personal life.

Office etiquette  

Basic office etiquette is essential to one’s survival in the workplace. This begins with learning how to correctly conduct yourself within the office on a daily basis. More importantly, learning how to professionally hold yourself in a meeting setting is an excellent skill to acquire. Finally, it is essential that you have proper telephone and email manners so as to competently represent yourself, your department and the company that you work for.