Acknowledge Your Facebook Distractions & Avoid Them

If you are a Facebook user, regardless of whether you work online or in an office job, you know what a distraction it can be when you are trying to get work done. I find myself “supposedly” taking a break from the computer to rest my eyes only to pick up my iPhone and check Facebook in less than five minutes. Facebook used to be a huge distraction for me until I made the decision to be more productive and kick my Facebook addiction.

Facebook Addiction Signs

  • Looking at notifications as soon as they pop up
  • Keeping chat windows always opened
  • Having multiple tabs open for Facebook
  • Never logging out of Facebook

Does this sound like you? If so, continue reading so you can have productive days from here on out.

Distraction #1 – Users Tagging You

We all have friends and colleagues who think it is fun to tag us in photos, events, and statuses throughout the day; even though they know we are working. This results in even more notifications coming in causing the Facebook addicts to have to constantly keep coming back to clear away the notification. To keep from having your notifications constantly going off, simply remove your tag yourself and you will not receive a notification every time someone comments.

Distraction #2 – Messenger/Chat

If you have Facebook messenger installed on your phone, or you keep your chat open you will be distracted when someone messages you and it goes off. We try hard to keep from looking to see what the message says until we finish whatever it is we are doing at work. However, Facebook always seems to win. We go in, check, and see what the message is about and then before we know it, half an hour or maybe more has passed by. Now, I am not going to say just ignore all messages because some of us do have work going through Facebook or it may even be a family emergency. However, to keep from becoming distracted simply cut the sound off and set certain times for when you will go in and check your messages. Sometimes you may want to consider just cutting off chat altogether.

Distraction #3 – Comment Notifications

I am a member of many groups and I run a Facebook group so this used to be a major time sucking distraction for me. I mean my phone was buzzing every ten minutes, if not more, because of comment notifications. Then, if I was to comment on someone’s status or a conversation was started on one of my statuses, there was even more comment notifications. I mean it was bad, it was as if I was always on Facebook, or that is what it felt like to me anyways. To get rid of this distraction you have to select stop notifications. This way you will not be notified when additional comments are made.

Distraction #4 – The News Feed

When checking your messages your news feed will distract you. You just want to take a few moments to see what is going on in the virtual world yet you end up spending close to an hour there. You run across viral articles, videos, and more, so it is not that hard to do. Trust me I know from experience. However, to avoid having your news feed distract you install the News Feed Eradicator so instead of seeing your news feed you will just see motivational quotes.

Distraction #5 – Game Requests

At one point in time, there was a time when I loved playing games on Facebook. However, it turned into a huge distraction because I was being overpowered with game requests and I just had to know what the game was about. Instead, of working productivity I will spending most of my time playing games such as Words With Friends. It is nothing wrong with playing games but if you are doing it during your work time, it can cause you to become behind in work and have to work later than you wanted too. To avoid being distracted by the games you already play simply go to the settings and turn off the notifications. Alternatively, to avoid being bombarded with requests from games you do not play, such as Farmville, go to the settings and block it altogether.

Now that we have acknowledged our main Facebook distractions, we can get on to having more productive workdays.

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