How to Adapt a Level Headed Approach Towards Outstanding Career Success

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The urge to succeed in life is a quality imprinted in the very fabric of our hopes and dreams. And when it comes to our careers, success is something that we strive for every day. However, many people are stuck in a situation where they’re not careful what they wish for. Let’s begin with...

The Fear of Success...

There’s this subliminal sense of cowardice that haunts us and it’s something we hate to admit. It’s more of a paradox actually because here’s someone who really, really, REALLY wants to succeed. And in fact, their relentless and convincing efforts leave nothing to chance of doubt.

Yet deep down inside, this person is actually freaked out by the very day when what they wanted materializes right before their very eyes. It’s like singing that you ’Woke up in a new Bugatti", only for you to actually wake up in a new Bugatti! Like for real...

To be honest, most of us would freak out like nobody’s business. Then again, some would imitate actors in movies and add some humour by really slapping themselves back to reality.
Speaking of reality, there is something that makes us feel like we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. And that’s none other than...

The Pressure of People’s Expectations
The way we carry ourselves in life more or less determines how people estimate the magnitude of our full potential.

For instance, my youngest sister always insists that she (instinctually) expects me to be really rich one day. And though it sounds flattering, there is also the pressure that comes with it.
Is it good? Yes of course! Such perceptions give me the resolve to wake up everyday and aim for ambitious career goals that might sound crazy if I actually elaborate them.

On the other hand, when imminent career stagnation and failure is right in front of you, then the pressure isn’t all that flattering. The potential for ridicule and abrupt loss of respect within your social circles send shivers down your spine.

This makes outstanding career success seem quite risky considering the pressure and fear. This in effect tempts so many careerists to settle for...

The Dream State of Success
It’s very easy to picture a lustrous and fulfilling career full off consistent success. But when it comes to implementing the actual hard work, many usually shy off considering the fact that they would have to forfeit their career comfort zone to realize significant impact. This particularly applies to those who are used to low self esteem and are generally okay with it. And when it comes to having significant risk appetite, many lack the guts needed to learn...

How to Adapt a Level Headed Approach Towards Outstanding Career Success
It’s never easy to have outstanding career success. To begin with, the pressure to maintain that level is actually magnified. Moreover, the fear of success abruptly reciprocates into this magnified fear of failure. It’s no longer a personal affair since a larger circle of people know you thanks to your outstanding success. This means a larger crowd of witnesses in case things go south. And so, in a bid to adapt a level headed approach towards oustanding career success, you should:

#1 Avoid the Tempting Distractions Along the way
Success for the majority isn’t instantaneous. And the higher you go, the more the distractions that tend to manifest along the way. And I’m not saying that it’s bad to reward yourself once in a while for the few strides you’ve made. But being human tends to bring about an insatiable appetite for pleasure even when you’ve had more than enough. The end result? A one-hit-wonder experience of instantaneous career success that was destined to descend as fast as it came up... and probably faster. And we don’t want that now, do we?

#2 Avoid the Allure of Arrogant and Reckless Behaviour
Speaking of short-lived success, many hold onto the notion that you only live once and so you should live to the ’fullest’. As noble as it may sound, this might actually be the perfect recipe for arrogant and reckless behaviour. You might end up stepping on some pretty powerful and influential toes that might end up ruining your life. Plus, when you offend people with your success status, then you justify their subliminal wishes to have you humbled to your initial position. That’s why in case you experience you sudden descent, you should ensure that you...

#3 Preserve Contingency Bridges that Elevated you to Greatness
What goes up must come down and what goes round must come round. I don’t need to mention countess people that have experienced this. And if you’re destined to go up, ensure that your bridges are intact. This can range from friends that kept encouraging you to mentors that guided you to greatness. The last thing you want is to crash land with devastating effects on your overall career wellbeing.

Ultimately, there are no perfect situations tailormade to suit outstanding career success. Plus, the higher you go, the more outward opposition you’ll face from discouragers, doubting Thomases and pessimists. So if you’re waiting for ideal situations to succeed in life, you’ll be waiting for a very long time. As Ambrose Redmoon once put it, "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."