Add Inspiration to Your Website and Increase Your Page Ranking

There are approximately 633 million websites in the world. (Source: Stats Spotting) To get perspective on that number, imagine 1 out of every 3 people in the world has a website. Those statistics sound staggering, especially if you’re trying to increase your site ranking and get more traffic to your website, which translates into clients and sales. What should you do with these facts? Ponder the reality of them for the moment, then take a deep breath and dive in to some easy steps to add inspiration to your website so that your site ranking can increase. 

Check Your Website Ranking 

The first step is to check your site ranking. One of the best places to refer to is Web Rank Stats. This site provides single click access to find web analytics and in-site analysis. You can download the WR Page browser extension to your toolbar. With this tool, you can ascertain the analytics on any website, including your own. Web Rank Stats provides the following information: Google Page rank; Alexa rank; Compete & Quantcast rank; Indexed pages; and backlinks in Google, Bing and Alexa. There is also a sociometer which provides the number of tweets, facebook likes, plus 1’s on Google, and pages indexed on StumbleUpon and Delicious. The next step is to check out the analytics on your own website ranking. Knowledge is power. When you know your site ranking, you can ascertain what areas you need to improve on.    

Find the Right Logo and Website Design 

The logos for Nike and Target are extremely well known. These businesses each created a logo which is emblematic of their name or mission. Both companies did an excellent job of branding their names and logos to get that instant name recognition. This “graphic or emblem causes instant public recognition of your company.” (Source: Wikipedia) With the proper name branding, your specific logo is the key to setting you apart from the competition. It’s the symbol of recognition which your customers or clients will see and immediately know which company it is referring to. 

Important Factors in website design:

  • Having a centralized theme for your website is vital.
  • Base the theme off your business logo design, which features your business name.
  • If you don’t have a logo, create one or utilize the services of a design company to assist.
  • Choose the right color scheme – a color which is too bright, with a chaotic template design will turn most visitors off and they won’t stay too long at your site. 

Business Model Design Example 

Did you know that “many of the fast food restaurants don’t pay much attention on the way they decorate their stores. The result is their restaurants are not cozy and attractive.” (Source: Interior Design) Compared to sit down and dine restaurants, their atmosphere is different and more relaxed. Patrons tend to stay longer at such establishments than at fast food restaurants. Take this same technique and utilize it to your best advantage with your website. Do you have a theme to go along with your logo and company name? Colors and background design have an impact on what you’re trying to achieve with your website. 

Site Design Depends on Services Offered

Let’s take the example of a flower store. The owner would most likely want the blog or website to have a background design with lighter colors, with a more airy feel. On the other hand, if the website is for a mechanic shop, opting for a darker color scheme would work better to showcase the different skillset for serving vehicles. For an SEO Marketing company, a more modern, technical feel would work better. 

Provide Stellar Content for your Site 

If you haven’t yet figured it out, the key ingredient to making your online presence stand out from the crowd is content. “Matt Cutts has repeatedly said that quality content is key to Google rankings, and Bing’s Duane Forrester reminded marketers that 'all SEO ranking signals revolve around content of some kind.'” (Source: You want customers and prospects to continue to visit your online hub to receive more info and updates about your services and seek you out as a leader in your industry. An essential factor in finding and maintaining a loyal readership is to have a website which inspires.  

“For example, one-quarter of Americans make purchase decisions based on blogs. Frequently updated social pages have helped 72% of social marketers close sales.”  (Source:  

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Provide excellent content – give information consumers need
  • Inspire others with a unique approach – continually keep things fresh
  • Stay away from shoddy content – so you can compete with the competition
  • Proofread content before publishing – this adds to professional credibility
  • Don’t write a novel – keep things informative, yet brief to maintain interest
  • Less is more – don’t jam-pack and overload information on your site 

If you’ve done your homework, you’ll have the following results:

20 percent discount
20 percent discount
  • An inspiring website design
  • Emblematic logo and branding
  • Stellar and unique content
  • Consistent website traffic
  • Level playing field with competition
  • More customers, clients and sale
  • Satisfaction with a job well done

What are you own experiences of running a website? How do you keep it fresh and ranking high in Google? Share your opinions below.

Photo Credit: Create Trade