Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Temp

The use of temporary workers has steadily increased over the years as more and more businesses realize the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce made up of a range of employees. In the USA, approximately 1.2 million people work on a temporary basis, and the number of temp agencies opening up offices is growing monthly.

Temporary workers were particularly advantageous during the midst of the global economic recession, which saw many employment markets experiencing a downward spiral and being forced to downsize or reduce salaries. Temporary workers entered the equation as a way to overcome such difficulties encountered by employers. Since then, more and more employers are opting to hire temporary workers in addition to permanent members of staff. 

Benefits of hiring a temp

  • A qualified workforce can be hired quickly and easily through the use of a temporary staffing agency, enabling your business to adjust quickly and easily to fluctuations in workload
  • When special projects, peak periods or employee shortages arise, a temporary workforce can be quickly hired 
  • Encourages greater staffing flexibility
  • Is the ideal way to find employees should a permanent position arise
  • Is a great way to fulfill workplace requirements whilst you search for a permanent employee
  • Reduces employee expenses such as bonuses, pay rises, pension schemes and other remuneration benefits

Disadvantages of hiring a temp


All staff, whether temps or permanent members of staff, require training. Training is a time-consuming and costly activity that needs to be carried out in order to employees to perform their assigned duties. The only advantage is that in re-hiring this temp for the next project, they will not need to be re-trained.  


When you have temporary employees working alongside permanent members of staff, feelings of resentment and bitterness may arise between the two parties. Obviously, temporary workers are unlikely to be receiving the same benefits as permanent employees, despite the fact that they are putting in the same hours and the same work. In addition, they are less likely to be included in any company events.


Temps are said to be less reliable employees as they are usually employed under a no benefits scheme and therefore lack the incentive to be dedicated and loyal employees. If a better opportunity comes along, they are not held by the same stringent employment contracts that other full time employees are held under. However this isn’t necessarily the case as most temporary workers will still require a reference and may even be hoping to be offered a permanent position with your company.