Advice on Handling Regular Overseas Travel

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Frequent overseas travel within your job role is often perceived as an attractive and appealing part of one’s job description. However, over time, regular overseas travel can become increasingly difficult if you are trying to balance your work-life or are regularly required to travel overseas.

Regular overseas travel is not necessarily an easy thing to contend with, especially if you have a partner or family. Below are some tips on how to handle regular overseas travel as part of your job role:


Being organised and planning ahead will facilitate the process of travelling on a regular basis. Writing a checklist before travelling will enable you to pack lightly yet efficiently. This is a convenient activity that may save you from forgetting a vital document that you may need for a business meeting. It is particularly useful if you are very busy with work and are sent overseas at the last minute for a business meeting.

A number of websites offer travel management services free of charge, enabling frequent travelers to bring their travel plans together in one convenient location.

Such facilities mean that frequent travelers will not need to run around searching through different emails in an attempt to locate information regarding their flights, hotels, rental cars and restaurant reservations. There are also a number of applications that can be downloaded to assist you in being more organized with your time.

Quality over value

Convenient business-related travel is often hindered by flying with cheaper airlines or in the economy section. The purpose is to depart the plane feeling relaxed and ready for business, therefore it is better to join an air miles club and request business class facilities from the company that you work for. If these are not available, take your time when travelling and be sure to give yourself enough time to browse through the airports facilities and make your way to the departure lounge. Being stressed before a short or long-haul flight can get your business trip off to a negative start. 




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