AdWords Features You are Probably Unaware Of

Google AdWords is a tool designed to get you more conversions. It’s designed to drive traffic and it’s fuelled through your hard-earned dollars. You think you know how to use it and you’ve got everything well in hand. What you don’t know is how to further enhance the number of conversions you’re getting. AdWords has a lot of hidden tools to take into account. If you’re willing to learn more, keep reading to find out more.

 #1 Callout Extensions

These callout extensions enable you to add 25 characters of descriptive text for every text ad. These are extra words that go on top of what you have now. The rules regarding callout extensions remain the same. There are no catches related to them. Try to think about these as a tagline you would have on a TV commercial. They’re good for differentiating your add from the other people marketing in the same field.

Find callout extensions through the Ad Extensions tab.

 #2 Sitelinks Extensions

If you want to add some additional destination links, to your text ad, Sitelinks Extensions are the way to go. These are like the site links you see on a standard search results page. You can use these links to add in other pages from your website. This means you can have the destination URL in your text ad plus a number of other links going to other parts of your website.

The best part is, like with callout extensions, there’s absolutely no catch. All you have to do is stick to the same rules as text ads.

You should see site links extensions as crucial because they increase the number of opportunities you have to entice potential customers.

Again, find Sitelinks Extensions through the Ad Extensions tab.


#3 Bid Adjustments

Anyone who has used Google AdWords for any significant length of time will start to notice patterns in click-throughs. You may start to notice you’re getting more clicks from mobile devices, for example. Some people may find they get more clicks depending on the specific time of day or that they’re getting more clicks from a certain part of the country. You need to take advantage of this to maximise your ad’s value.

Set bid adjustments so you can increase and decrease your bids. Gain better control over who can see your ads. An adjustment to a bid is a representation of the percentage change in any bids you have going. You can increase or decrease this percentage in the middle of a campaign if you want to.
In other words, you can increase or decrease your bid in specific target areas. For example, if you want to target mobile consumers you could increase your bid just for people using mobile devices.

Feel free to set multiple adjustments at the same time. Google will usually take an average to determine the overall percentage change in your bid.

Let’s take a little look at some of the things you can do:

  1. You can target people based on the device their using. You may decide to target people accessing Google from their smartphones, and some people will even segregate by type of smartphone.
  2. Location-based bid adjustments. If you only want to target local consumers, you can by altering your bid adjustments, with a focus on your locality.
  3. You can even change your bids to get your ads out in front of your target audience at a specific time of day. For example, if you were targeting younger people you might decide to increase the bid for ads after 5:00pm.

There’s so much you can do when it comes to AdWords. Remember, a lot of this is down to a matter of trial and error.