Aggressive Mobile Trends That Can Make Your Business Successful

Mobile platforms are taking over as an essential medium for brands to communicate with their audience. Chances are you’re probably reading this article on your smartphone.

The use of applications, along with the release of powerful mobile devices, allows businesses to work with several methods of content delivery. For now, there is plenty of room for innovation and improvement in mobile optimization. Because of this, businesses are racing to showcase their latest products and services in the most creative way possible through mobile platforms.

If your wondering how businesses today are evolving to cater to this new platform, below highlights how mobile usage is affecting your favorite brands.

The ‘always on’ concept is becoming permanent

Smartphones go where computers or laptops can only dream of going.

Mobile devices are on while we are sleeping, and while we’re at work. The ‘always on’ concept revolves around the idea that users have the ability to stay plugged in the digital world 24/7. From a business perspective, there is potential in this concept due to personalization and timing.

For example, a fast food chain can trigger a notification to go off in a user’s mobile device every time he or she passes by one of their branches using GPS. Imagine the same campaign in the form of a TV commercial. Watching a TV ad in the comfort of your home isn’t as effective as a location-based mobile notification.

Ultimately, the ‘always on’ concept allows companies to intercept a consumer’s experience. This is only possible through mobile campaigns that are sent in real-time.

Mobile is a portal for other platforms

These days, companies use several types of platforms to reach their audience.

More importantly, all these platforms should be somehow connected to each other in order to boost consumer experience. Out of all the different platforms available (computers, kiosks, television just to name a few), the mobile device is the most versatile.

It can serve as a monitor to display commercials, scan bar codes, store coupons and receive calls for direct interaction. A smartphone is not limited to the connection with the brand, but also includes the connection with other people through social media and direct contacts. This allows brands to maximize their reach through influence and shares.

Mobile devices forces consumers to go social

Mobile usage has become social.

You don’t have to directly comment on posts to become social on mobile. Status updates are social because they have the power to influence others. Brand promotion is social, which is mostly what mobile campaigns are all about. Businesses can speak to their audience and followers directly, not just while they’re on the computer, but also before they go to bed, while they’re with their family or during their vacation.

The influence of mobile on digital intimacy is apparent, as companies invest in high quality and personalized content to help build relationships with their fans.

Time to revive the customer service department

One of the key trends surrounding mobile devices is instant service.

Companies no longer have to wait for replies. They no longer have to wonder if their campaigns are being accepted by their set demographic. Now businesses can be readily available for consumers all the time.

This trend has caused businesses to invest in their customer service department. Because of the rise in mobile trends, there is no excuse for mishandling, or lack of interaction. Urgency is always expected from companies with a strong online presence.

What are some of the digital mobile trends that you are looking forward to seeing? Let us know what you think.




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