Agreement on Procurement of Twelve Public Institutions in Health Care

Clinical hospital Dubrava on October 09, 2007 in Zagreb Croatia


ZAGREB, 18 June

The Ministry of Health today signed an agreement on the implementation of joint procurement of twelve public institutions in health care which is the founder of the Republic of Croatia. Its goal is to achieve the best value for the invested funds, and savings in procurement of medicines, medical supplies, fuel, food and other products and services that are used in these establishments.

The agreement was signed by five clinical centers, two university hospitals, three clinics and CIHI and CPHI.

Health Minister Professor Rajko Ostojic said that hospitals are so far all the procured products and services to the needs of the analysis showed that the difference in the previously agreed price was a huge bill they paid patens and država. Uvođenje unified procurement represents the first structural reform of the government, said Ostojic adding as expected to join the agreement, and because the county is important to them, especially in the procurement encourage market competition and achieve the best value.

Planned savings, the minister said amounted to about 200 million. If the treaty and join the county hospital, the savings would be about 300 million. Each of the agencies conducted a public bidding for certain types of products and services for all 12 institutions owned by the state, and the Ministry of Health called for the project to join a common procurement and hospitals founded by counties and gradovi. Prema Decision, institutions that are covered by this Decision no longer allowed to individually implementation of public procurement of goods and services, but are required to purchase all the items on the basis of contracts under a framework agreement, if agreed a lower price compared to existing ugovore. Kao central public procurement bodies for certain items purchasing (procurement categories ) are defined:

Public institutions for which the common public procurement are: Clinical Hospital Center, University Hospital Osijek, Rijeka University Hospital Center, University Hospital Split, University Hospital, University Hospital "Merkur" University Hospital "Sisters of Mercy", Clinic for Infectious Diseases "Dr. Fran Mihaljevic "Lovran Department of Orthopedics, Children's Hospital Zagreb" Klaićeva ", the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance, Croatian National Institute of Public zdravstvoSvaka institution authorized to conduct procurement in a particular segment is required to collect data, develop a technical specification and method of communication between institutions, which is the sole responsibility ravnatelja. Ustanove conclude agreement on the approval of the central authority for public procurement procedures for the implementation of joint procurement and concluding framework agreements on two godine. O purchase all items individually institution should obtain approval of the Governing Council of the institution and notify the Ministry of Health and the director of the institution takes a decision on the appointment of authorized representatives to create documentation and technical specifications. Names and addresses of such persons shall be submitted to the Ministry of Health and published for transparency on the website ustanove. Ustanove then collected data on procurement for all public institutions for which the joint purchase, and draw up a table of necessary products for a period of two years, provided that Ministry zdravlja. Pritom is necessary to pay attention to the technical specifications of each item corresponding to the product at least three different proizvođača. Naročito is important to respect the principles of competition, equal treatment, non-discrimination, mutual recognition, proportionality and transparentnost. Nakon which have obtained approval from the Ministry of Health, an institution authorized the PPO specific product groups or services performed within 5 days open tender procedures and immediately enforceable award decision framework agreements for a period of two godine. Sporazume with selected bidders then entered into the hospital and notify the Ministry of Health of the savings generated on an annual level.