Amazon Adds More Than 1,000 Workers But Diversity Remains an Issue

Amazon’s new warehouse location in Robbinsville, NJ is responding to high consumer demand by adding new employees to its roster.

As one of the largest sites in the U.S., the facility has employed over 1,000 full-time warehouse workers since its grand opening in July.

Through recruiting agency Integrity Employment Staffing, the internet-based commerce company has located ideal applicants living in the surrounding area.  

The staffing agency told that they interview more than a hundred potential candidates each day.   

The online company offers full-time employees access to various job benefits including “health insurance, a 401(k) with a 50 percent match, stock options, bonuses and 95 percent tuition reimbursement for courses related to high-demand skills.”

While Amazon’s career opportunities are developing in Robbinsville, it is also impacting additional industries.

Business seems to be booming as well for The ZLine shuttle bus, which links the city’s Matrix Business Park to other public transportation routes.

The transportation company has had to add additional busses to cater for the growing number of Amazon employees.

“At this point we are just really pleased that [Amazon] is a success and at what it is doing to create employment opportunities for people in Mercer County to access a job they might not have previously had access to,” said Executive Director Ceryl Kastrenakes of the Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association. 

According to a spokesperson for Amazon Robbinsville, they consider their new employees to be some of the most talented individuals in the city.

“We have found top talent in abundance in the area,” Spokeswoman Kelly Cheeseman said in an email.  

However, on a global scale Amazon’s talent pool doesn’t seem to promote diversity and impartiality within the workplace.

Nearly 40 percent of Amazon’s global workforce is nonwhite. 

A recent report released by the e-commerce site, reveals a breakdown of its employment staff in the U.S. in relations to race:

  • 15 percent of employees are Black
  • 13 percent of employees are Asians
  • 9 percent of employees are Hispanic  

The largest minority in the data are blacks, but over half of Amazon employees are white—specifically standing at 60 percent.

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Statistics also show the disproportion of workers in regards to gender.

Amazon is made up of 63 percent male and 37 percent female workers. Management positions are also dominated by 75 percent of Amazon’s male employees.

Amazon shared these numbers following a statement made by civil rights leader and speaker Jesse Jackson, who said: “It’s skewed toward white-male supremacy.” 

Jackson later stated that Amazon’s workplace doesn’t correctly resemble America.

The tech company has refuted the claims by referencing how minority and female college students usually pursue other careers outside of what Amazon specializes in, which is technology and engineering. 

Contrary to the evidence shown, the company’s website mentions how workplace diversity, regardless of race, gender, age, or education is what Amazon is all about.

Jackson has suggested that the company makes its workforce more American like its diverse marketplace.

“We want to change this,” the company wrote in a message on its website. “We want all students to know the possibilities that await them at a company like Amazon.”

Image Souce: The Texas Tribune/Kati Drisc





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