Amazon is Making Business Easier

In the current market of online purchasing, Amazon is making it easier for businesses of any size to access millions of products for their business needs. Whether you are a freelancer, self-employed entrepreneur, or a big corporate purchasing executive, Amazon is now catering to your business’ specific needs when it comes to supplies and inventory.

How Amazon Makes It Work

With a wide range of products available, Amazon is filling the market place with its powerhouse ability to deliver high quality merchandise at much more affordable prices than if you were an average consumer or Prime member of their goods. They do this by allowing their suppliers to offer discounts reserved exclusively for business owners. Thus, business buyers can expect to pay what they feel is the best value for the product they are receiving. There are no gimmicks, just straight forward pricing on a growing selection of items specifically designed with your business in mind. In addition, Amazon offers business buyers the ability to compare shops for products by displaying multiple offers from different sellers on a single page. It also offers a free two-day shipping on any purchase totaling $49 or more.

Key Features of Amazon Business Accounts

As an account holder with Amazon Business, you will be able to:

  •         Create Multi-User Accounts

If you have multiple individuals that normally handle your purchasing and acquisitions, Amazon makes it easy to stream line your purchasing power by allowing you to authorize them on your business account. Do you need to add a group instead of just an individual? No problem. Amazon features a group setting that allows you to add people in bulk. There is no need to enter them in manually. All you need to do is upload your spreadsheet. You can invite up to 100 users per upload.

  •         Create Approvals

After you’ve created your group users, Amazon then allows you to setup workflow approvals to effectively manage your purchasing power. You can customize the approval settings of each requisitioner you add to your team, and after your settings are configured, any order that exceeds a spending limit is automatically routed to the designated approver for review.

  •         Track Your Orders Efficiently

Just like its service for non-business users, allows you to track your package orders, but with a few different ingredients in the mix. Instead of just seeing that an order has been placed and when it will arrive, the new business accounts also allow you to review reconciliation reporting information, purchase order numbers, credit card identification, and the requisitioner or administrator name responsible for the order.

  •         Integrate Your Purchasing Systems

Along with the purchasing features already offered in-house with a business account, Amazon also offers you the ability to connect your purchasing system to its user interface. All you need to do is use the self-registration tool to enable Amazon on any of the twenty-one purchasing systems their interface supports. If you don’t have one of these systems, Amazon enables you to add it by request using this very tool to include your system into its network of already accepted purchasing programs.

  •         Apply for Tax Exemption

If your business is eligible to make tax-exempt purchases, you can apply to participate in Amazon’s Tax Exemption Program, which allows you to make tax-exempt purchases and manage your status across your entire organization.

  •         Establish a Corporate Line of Credit

As always, it wouldn’t be a proper business account without the ability to offer you a business line of credit. You can place orders and finance purchases using either a Pay-in-Full Line or Revolving Credit Line. The choice is completely yours depending on your needs as a business.

Great Expectations

With Amazon already being a major player in the consumer goods market, we expect that their new business accounts program will be an explosive success. Amazon Business offers its participants the same great buying experience that both Prime and basic consumers currently enjoy, along with many other features that help make purchasing an easier and more affordable daily operation. With a growth mindset for its customers, Amazon Business is sure to please anyone looking for a cost-effective way to do business, big or small.