An Overview of Global Recruiting Trends in 2015


Whether you are a jobseeker or an employer who is looking to recruit, it is important to become familiar with this year’s global recruiting trends. Whatever the case, it will help you improve your job search or recruiting strategy and help you connect with the right people. If you are interested in business, it is extremely to develop an understanding of how recruiters work and what tools and techniques they use to hire individuals. 

The World of Recruiting in 2015

A recent survey on 2015 recruiting trends conducted by LinkedIn Talent Solutions has given useful insight into the recruiting decisions of employers that can help you understand where the world of business is headed in 2015 and near future. After having surveyed over 4,125 recruiters from across 31 different countries, LinkedIn Talent Solutions revealed that the top sources of quality hires include social professional networks and internet job boards!

Interestedly enough, despite the increase in the popularity of online professional networks used for recruiting purposes, internet job boards are still the no.1 source companies use to hire employees! At the same time, it seems that 61% of recruiters prefer to use LinkedIn and 47% use other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their brand.

This kind of information shows that recruiters need to ‘do more with less’ to catch up with the competition and make the most out of their budget. With technological advances changing the recruiting world for good, talent leaders across the world have identified many benefits as well as implications for recruiting:

Social Media – the accessibility of professionals online has made talent more accessible than ever.

Digital Marketing – with online marketing, businesses can target talent with relevant job adverts.

Mobile – jobseekers can easily research and apply for a job in a mobile-optimised format.

Machine Learning – algorithms match jobs with jobseekers based on their profile demographics.

Small & Large Companies: Recruiting priorities

Inevitably, the priorities of each organisation differ according to the size and the needs of the company. This means that small companies are focusing on different recruiting patterns in contrast to larger organisations. According to the survey, small companies are indeed focusing more on recruiting highly skilled talent and improving the quality of candidates they hire instead of diversity recruiting.


In terms of sourcing, it seems that the top source for candidates is internet job boards since they produce the highest quantity of hires most likely because applying for a job online is much easier for jobseekers. However, this doesn’t guarantee quality hires for companies. Check the following survey results to assess the popularity of the different sources in terms of quantity:

  • Internet Job Boards – 74%
  • Company Career Website – 64%
  • Internal Hires – 62%
  • Social Professional Networks – 59%

In order for companies to get both quality and quantity hires, they need to start investing in incorporating multiple approaches to recruiting and take advantage of social professional networks, internet job boards and company career websites.

On this note, if recruiters want to stay ahead of the competition and recruit the best talent they should be focusing on recruiting both passive and active candidates; those who are employed but reaching out to recruiters, and those who are actively searching for a job. Apparently China and US have already started passive candidate recruiting and are currently the 2 top countries that are focusing mostly on recruiting passive candidates with 83% and 72% respectively.

The Future of Recruiting

In the near future, candidate and job matching will begin to look a lot more like marketing, a fact which is going to change the shape of the recruiting industry. So, here are the most essential and long-lasting trends in recruiting for the years to come:

  • Social professional networks.
  • Mobile recruiting.
  • Sourcing passive candidates.
  • Better matching candidates with jobs.
  • Upgrading employer branding.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with an overview of 2015 recruiting trends in order to help you refine your job-hunting or recruiting plan.

Do you think that recruitment is changing? Do you think it is a good thing or a bad thing? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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