Annoying Co-Workers - They are Everywhere!

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Unless you work from home, you’re going to encounter people when you’re at work and, as is the way with life, you’re not always going to like them. Some of them you will hate, some you’ll love and others will just be plain annoying. The cold hard truth is that people you work with are not necessarily people you’re going to have much in common with, especially in part-time jobs. Being a student and working in a shop was something I did for my three years of University and I realised that the only thing we all had in common was that we all wanted money.

You’re bundled together with these people because they’re hired based on their CVs, not their compatibility with the rest of the staff. Thus, to the less impatient mind, they become annoying. There are three types of annoying co-workers:

The Optimist

These people are far too happy. You’re having a bad day – or more you just want a quiet one – but they continue to be happy. They could have been told their leg is going to be amputated later that day and they would still be happy, smiling, eager, asking you questions. It’s important to maintain a level of optimism in work – it helps with customer service, it helps with morale – but there is such a thing as being too happy and that’s when it becomes annoying.

The Talker

These kinds of people have a very low work ethic and believe that coming into work doesn’t mean doing work but talking to their co-workers. It’s important to have a good relationship with your co-workers – even if you do find them annoying – because it helps add a nice atmosphere in the workplace. However, too much talking is when you can get into trouble. I worked with a guy who only liked to talk, and it resulted in the two of us getting told off when I was merely the listener! Also, if you’re not in a talkative mood and just want to work, it can become very irksome.

The Pessimist

This kind of person likes to bring everyone down. It’s fun to be sarcastic but when sarcasm goes too far, it borders on pessimism. The pessimist will drag others down and make work a dreary exercise. If the job in question is bleak and you’re simply doing it to get you through University, it’s imperative you think of ways to get you through the shift, and if you’re trying to do that and this guy is pulling you down, it makes it an upward battle.

The fact is: you don’t know who you’re going to be working with when you accept a job offer. You may meet your best friend at work – even if it is a part time job – I met a handful of wonderful people when I worked in a shop, some of whom I still speak to. You may end up meeting your partner – I did. You may end up finding them all annoying and have nothing in common with them – I also did! But these are life experiences and it’s time for you to go out and see what your experience will be. Get out there and see who you will encounter. and just how annoying they may be.

Good Luck!




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