Annoying Office Habits Workers Can't Stand [Infographic]

If you work in an office, you’ll understand that there are usually certain habits that really get on your nerves. This can range from something as simple as your co-workers eating loudly at their desks, to the office temperature being too cold. Interestingly Cornell University researchers carried out tests on office temperature that showed when temperatures were low (68 degrees) workers made 44% more errors than when the temperature was warmer (77 degrees). Tell that to your boss!

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Well, now Orega have conducted a survey of over 1,000 office workers to find out just what annoys office workers the most.

The first question that was asked was what co-worker habits annoy you most? Rudeness and poor manners came out on top with 20% of people rating this as the most annoying thing about their co-workers. Surprisingly 22% of 25-34 year olds actually found laziness more frustrating than their older peers. This is interesting as most people would expect older workers of 35 years plus to find younger workers lazy. Maybe the younger generation isn’t as lazy as some people make out.

Next people were asked what office jargon annoys them most? "Touch base" was the top answer with 14%, next was "ping me" with 12% and in third "going forward" with 11%. Other noteworthy answers were "low hanging fruit" with 11% and "close of play" with 6%. I think we’re all guilty of using office jargon. Unfortunately, it’s just something we pickup after working in an office for too long. Just the same as if you moved to another country and you start using phrases you wouldn’t back home. Not everyone hates office jargon though, see James Maddocks view on if office jargon enrages or engages workers.

Lastly office workers were asked what office bug bears do they have? It seems meetings that drag on forever is what upsets the majority of people. If you look at country-specific scores though, Scotlands top answer was the temperature being too hot or cold with 13%.

When comparing men and women’s top answers, men said feeling obliged to go to office socials was the most annoying with 7%, and women said people who came into work when there ill was the most annoying at 14%. So next time you ask your male colleague if he’s coming to the work event on Friday, remember if he says’s yes he’s probably just being polite.

Do you work in an office? If you do, let me know what annoys you the most in the comments below.

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