How to Answer Behavioural Questions Using the Upgraded STAR Method

Behavioural questions are quite common in job interviews and are used to elicit patterns of your past behaviour. Such questions are essentially based on the idea that your past performance is the best indicator of your future performance. The interviewer wants you to relate what you did in past jobs or life situations to the job you are interviewing for in terms of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success.

The interview questions usually start with questions like "Tell me about a time when…” Well, at first glance this may seem simple, but it is easy to give an answer that is not well structured or lacks key details. One way to avoid this is to use the STAR method to help you structure your response. which involves talking about the specific Situation, Task, Action, and Result of the past experience you are describing.


Provide context. Describe the situation. Where? When?


What needed to be done? Were some obstacles? Why?


What did you do? How and in what way?


What was the benefit of your actions? Give specific details (time and money saved)

 These four steps together will help you build a success story which you should use to answer your behavioural question.  In doing so, remember to:

-          Tailor your answer according to the specific strengths that the company values and mostly look for in their ideal candidate.

-          Create a bank of answers or six to eight different and fairly recent examples from your past experience where you demonstrated these skills.

-          Do include both negative and positive examples but make sure you show how the negative situation ended positively or how you made the best of the outcome.

In this video, the interview guys, Jeff and Mike set forth how to effectively answer behavioural  questions using the upgraded STAR method which involves their own twist. Make the most of these tips to highlight all the positive aspects of your personality and performance needed to ace a behavioural interview. 


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