How to Answer Cabin Crew Interview Questions

The role of Cabin Crew is one of the most desired professions in the world and is one of the hardest jobs to get. The application process is very lengthy, taking between 3 and 6 months and you have to jump through hoops to make it through - this includes the assessment day and tests as well as passing medical examinations and background checks. Only 2 % of all applications actually are successful gaining a job as Cabin Crew and it may take a few attempts. Competition is also very fierce, so it is crucial to prepare well for the assessment day and final interview. Here are ten of the most common questions asked by airline recruiters around the world.

#1 Why should we employ you at XXXX airlines?

In this case, if a friend already works for the airline, you can use them as a referral and it is worth mentioning to the recruiter as it shows you have some knowledge of the airline and the job. It would be wise to read up on the airline’s latest news and see what is happening – you may be able to mention that the airline is developing and growing rapidly with new aircraft and routes and you wish to be part of that expansion at such an exciting time.

#2 Why do you want to be Cabin Crew?

With this question you really need to sell yourself as the perfect Cabin Crew member using real life work experience as examples. Mention things like working in a team, adaptability and being able to work long shifts, which are all appropriate to the role. You could talk about the challenges of the role and your commitment to it and taking pride in promoting the airline by wearing their uniform.

#3 Are you applying to any other airlines?

It is always best to be honest, as it is a very desirable quality within Cabin Crew. You can tell them that you have applied for other airlines but this is your chosen airline and that is your preferred choice. It also shows them you are committed to becoming Cabin Crew.

#4 When have you provided excellent customer service?

The recruiter is looking for an example from your work experience, so tell them about a time when you provided excellent customer service and felt you had gone the extra mile, above the customer’s expectation. Prove to them that you are customer service focused, reliable and ready for the challenge to always do that bit extra for your passengers.

#5 How will you deal with being away from family and friends for large amounts of time and missing special occasions like birthdays, weddings and Christmas?

The ideal answer would be to say that you understand that this is part of the job and with today’s technology it is much easier to stay in contact with friends and family whilst you are away. If you are moving countries for the job, you could also say you are looking forward to working with many nationalities and learning more about the local culture.

The key to answering many of the questions that can come up at a final interview is to use your experience and give examples – they want to see why you would make great Cabin Crew and how you have the experience for the role. Make each answer your own and sell yourself as the perfect crew member. Remember that the recruiter is looking for great communication skills, good posture and eye contact as well as a friendly nature and a good smile, so use them to your best ability.




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