How to Answer, “Can You Describe Your Dream Job?”

During a job interview, being asked to describe your dream job can become a unique opportunity for you to shine and stand out from the crowd of other prospects. It is important to mesh several factors into your response to this question. You must share aspects of a job that would spark your creativity and make it a dream profession. Additionally, you need to add an element of professionalism to your answer showcasing that you want to work in a job that develops you as an individual and in your career. This article will address how to best answer "can you describe your dream job?"

Why the Question is Asked

An employer generally asks this question in an interview to ascertain how well the candidate can mesh the two factors mentioned in the introduction. For example, if the individual simply shares only the “dream” job aspects and doesn’t integrate any factors of growing and developing in the job, he or she won’t impress the interviewer as much. However, when those two factors can be meshed and individualized to showcase your dream job, you will impress the interviewer.

How to Answer the Question

Remember to be appropriately animated while describing your dream job and don’t be afraid to describe your passions and interests. If you describe your dream job with no enthusiasm in your voice, your words will fall flat and not be believable to the interviewer. This person wants to believe you so believe in yourself and confidently answer this type of question.

The interview process needs to be entered into with careful planning in order to present your best self and make a solid first impression. The first step toward effectively answering this question is to be preparing to answer it. While you are preparing for the interview, carefully consider the fact that you could very well have to answer this question. It is a question that needs careful consideration because you want to think about a job that showcases your passions and creative side while it also demonstrates your ability to work effectively in a professional environment. If your response shows that you are way off base with your answer, the interviewer will think that you are not the right candidate for the specific job you’re applying for.

During the preparation process, begin to brainstorm about what your dream job would be. Most of us have a few different ideas of dream jobs that we’d love to transition to in our careers or even in another field. However, others have never even thought about what their dream job would be so such a question could stump them in the interview process. There are three general ways that you could respond to this question, and they are listed below.

  • Personal Connection – You may enjoy connecting with others and thrive in situations where you are sharing ideas and creatively executing projects for people. Maybe this personal connection aspect was beginning to develop in your previous employment or in a volunteering capacity in an organization you belong to. Share about that experience and how your dream job would include further developing personal connections with others.
  • Technical Connection – Maybe technology is your thing and you enjoy working with “new toys” and have a drive to succeed in all aspects that involve technical factors in the workplace. Your love of technology started somewhere—whether in your previous job or your social life—so share how that affinity began. Tie that connection into your dream job and how you would enjoy working in a technical environment.
  • Visionary Connection – This type of connection is based on being open to trying new experiences and building upon those as you grow and develop as a professional. You will have experiences to share from the workplace, educational background or volunteering incidents where your visionary connection was showcased. Share how you want to continually grow and develop in your next dream job.

Once you have ascertained where you fit in with regard to the connection factors, you can consider some starting off points for answering the question. Begin the response with expressing that your dream job would allow you the opportunity to continually grow and develop as a professional. Additionally, it would provide you with the chance to showcase your best qualities in the workplace. Describe how your dream job would challenge you and open you up to experience new things. Remember to add that the dream job would also include working with a quality mentor who encourages you to grow through challenging experiences.

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Answering the question about your dream job takes careful consideration and preparation before the interview. Be prepared to answer the question while meshing the two factors of your passions and maintaining professionalism in the dream job. Maintain a balance of enthusiasm and a professional attitude while responding to the question.