How to Answer "Do You Have Any Questions For Me?"

This is a standard question that will be asked at the end of every interview, and it’s definitely one you want to be prepared for!

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1. Why It Is Being Asked

This question is asked for one simple reason: to see how interested and prepared you are!

Interviewers ask this question to give you a chance to raise doubts or concerns, to find out more about your position on the job, or to ask them about the company culture. As long as you have a question or three to ask, you’ll find that there are no "right" or "wrong" questions!

2. Always Have a Question Prepared

When you answer "No" to this question, it makes you look like one of two things:

  1. Unprepared – You know nothing about the company, and have no idea what’s in store for you on the job.
  2. Uninterested – You just want to make money, and it doesn’t matter where you work or what job you do.

This may not be the case, but that’s how it is likely to come across to the interviewer. Not the best way to end the interview!

For this reason, always have a question or two prepared. They can be simple questions such as "Will I be working on these premises or elsewhere?" They can also be more complex questions related to your responsibilities or the work in which you will be engaged. But DO have a question ready.

3. Be Careful with the Questions

NEVER ask about the salary or benefits offered by the position. The salary should have already been made clear, either in the job application or early in the interview. This is not the time to ask about what’s in it for you as that will just make you look self-centered.

4. The Right Questions to Ask

Here are a few examples of questions that are GOOD to ask in this situation:

  • Questions that show your interest in solving a problem – "I notice your company has been having customer satisfaction issues recently. What is being done to solve these problems?" (This also shows an understanding of the company’s operations)
  • Questions that show your familiarity with the job – "Does the company use X software for their accounting or does it have its own proprietary software?" (This shows your technical knowhow, proving that you’re suitable for the job)
  • Questions that provide insight into the company culture – "What is the working environment like? What is in place to promote employee wellness, productivity, and a pleasant office space?" (This shows that you care about where you work, as much as WHAT you do for that work)

These are questions that will give the interviewer insight into your character and personality, increasing your chances of getting the job.

5. Get the Timing Right

Remember, this question is asked at the END of the interview. By then, most of your questions pertaining to the job itself will have already been answered.

You should have a few questions ready before you go into the interview as that will give you options of things to ask the interviewer. It’s better than drawing a blank when the ONE question you had prepared was already answered early on in the interview.

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This is DEFINITELY one of those times when it pays to be prepared!

What questions did you ask in a job interview? Let us know in the comments section below!

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