How to Answer "Do You Prefer to Work for a Man or Woman, Why?"

Being interviewed can be a disheartening experience. However, once you prepare well and present your answers with confidence like a pro you are, the interviewer is going to remember you on an emotional level. The interview enables you to showcase your ability to engage in a conversation, listen actively, show enthusiasm and motivation and most importantly, get along with other people.

Unlike larger companies whose interviews follow a standardized style, smaller companies, especially those in the creative trade are likely to ask questions that will reveal your inner person. Among the most bizarre questions include: “Do you prefer to work for a man or woman, why?

What You Need to Know

A survey by Gallup International reveals that more 66% of job seekers prefer working for male bosses. As a matter of fact, having a powerful boss makes workers a little bit more powerful. The whole organization will appear more positive if the boss is an influential and powerful person. Men still have more influence and power in the workplace, a reason why the ratio of people who prefer male bosses to the ones who prefer female bosses is 2:1.

Interviewers are on the lookout for candidates with an open mind. Since this question relates to workers’ experience with female or male bosses, how you approach it will reveal your ability to foster a more flexible environment. So would you rather have a male or female boss? Apparently, you are possibly weighing scenarios. Below are tips to help you tackle this question.

#1. Be Neutral

You probably don’t know your prospective boss and you don’t want to decide your fate either. Explain to your interviewer the reason for your lack of preference. Despite your past experience, the interviewer seeks to know your ability perform your duties effectively regardlessof your bosses gender. Inform them that you will be okay so long as your boss knows what they are doing and is capable of dealing with people without hysterics. Any boss can be lazy, whether male or female. Therefore, the success of a company is not affected by the gender of the boss but by the skills, commitment and cooperation invested.

#2. Defend Your Response

Men and women are created differently. Explain to your interviewer the traits that make both genders good bosses. For instance, men forget about differences faster and tend to not hold grudges. They discuss issues outside the office more freely among other people and are more apt to open up. Women on the other hand have a holistic approach to issues and are more organized hence are likely to achieve a better-run system. Your ability to reveal the traits that make both men and women better bosses will portray you as an understanding person whose contribution will steer the company to success.

#3. Reveal Your Expectations

Explain to your interviewer that organizational success is achieved by the ability of the workers and not the just boss. Men can also possess weaknesses believed to belong to females such as micro-managing workers. In such a case, a friendly and understanding female boss will get a nod. Reveal your readiness to work for any boss provided they will give you an opportunity to utilize your entire skillset.

Remember a boss and a job are what you make of them. If you follow the above tips, you will not only appear as a good candidate, but also stand a better chance of landing your dream job since some interviewers might have stereotypical views.

To your success!


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