How to Answer "How Would You Feel About Working For Someone Who Knows Less Than You?"

Working for someone who knows less than you do is not always an easy situation. People handle this issue in different ways according to a variety of factors such as personality type, workplace values and career goals. This behavioral question may be asked during a job interview, and you need to be prepared to effectively respond to it in a manner that impresses the hiring manager. This article will address several factors to consider when crafting your answer during an interview.

1. Why This Question is Asked

An individual who can work well under the management of a person less knowledgeable than them will become valuable to the employer. The hiring manager needs to know how well you respond to this type of working environment so that he or she can better assess your capabilities as a prospect for the position. If you would not work well in this type of management environment, you may not be a good fit for the position.

2. Evaluating Your Perspective

During the process of crafting your response, it is important to honestly evaluate your perspective and how you would feel about working for a manager who knows less than you do. This question can catch you off guard, so it is vital that you prepare beforehand to respond with an intelligent answer that showcases you in a good light. You may not have thought about this scenario before, so preparing beforehand will help you to craft the best response.

3. How to Answer the Question

Responding to this question takes a diligent effort and there are several factors to consider. Hiring managers will gauge the following factors to ascertain your viability as a candidate.

  • Teamwork – how well you work in a team environment and complete projects
  • Criticism – your ability to handle constructive criticism and accept directives
  • Positivity – your ability to be positive under any leadership and workplace environment
  • Perspective – how open your viewpoint is to different leadership types

Common sense dictates that any response you provide in consideration of these factors should be positive rather than negative. If you show that you have been easily frustrated under similar leadership in another employment position, you will decrease your chances of being considered for the job.

Additionally, your answer needs to focus on a positive response that showcases your solid work performance in regard to the four factors mentioned above. Some examples of responses are listed below.

  • Diversity – Showcase your ability to work with and for diverse individuals and explain that you see the value and benefits of these types of workplace environments.
  • Acceptance – You also need to demonstrate that you are willing to learn in any environment, regardless of whether or not it is your “ideal” management atmosphere.
  • Attitude – Maintain a calm composure while responding so that you demonstrate an attitude that accepts progressive workplace environments.

Make sure that you focus on demonstrating your positivity and professional attitude during this interview as you respond to the question.

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When responding to this type of behavioral question, it is vital that you craft a response that demonstrates your goal of contributing to the overall productivity in the workplace.

Have you ever worked for a manager who knew less than you? What was your experience like?