How to Answer "How Would You Rate Your Memory?"

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Are you truly prepared to answer any type of question that you’re asked at your next job interview? You should be, especially if you want to ace the interview and be considered as a viable candidate for the job. Acing your interview begins with being prepared to answer all different types of interview questions.

One such question you might be asked to answer is how would you rate your memory? This article will address why this question may be asked and how to craft the best answer for your current career situation.

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1. Why This Question May Be Asked compiles a listing each year of the Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions, according to a wide variety of polled job candidates. On this listing, how would you rate your memory, was listed as the 8th oddest question that interviewees were asked. According to the polling, for this top 25 listing, this question was asked by hiring managers for Marriott during the Front Desk Associate Interview. It is important to be prepared for any type of question to be asked, so you should first consider why a hiring manager would ask it.

Having a good memory is important in the workplace, especially if you are working in a specific field that calls for excellent memory recall. A hiring manager will most likely ask this question to ascertain your memory recall skills because the daily job tasks will require an individual with such a skill set.

When this question was asked by the hiring managers at Marriott for the front desk position, they needed to ascertain whether or not the candidates could handle job specific tasks like speaking on the phone with customers and making reservations—all while maintaining an excellent recollection of what had transpired during each conversation. That is just one example of a job specific task that would require an individual having good memory skills.

2. How to Respond to This Question

When you are crafting your answer to this question, it is important to remember that the majority of people do not have a photographic memory. We rely on our organizational skills to keep track of important data in address books, calendars and writing lists. There are several factors to consider when crafting an answer to this question.

  • Evaluate – Review your current skill set with regard to tasks that require memory recall skills and ascertain how well you perform. However, don’t rate on a number scale.
  • Organize – Analyze how well you are able to stay organized with regard to following up on your “to do” lists, answering emails and other tasks that require follow up.
  • Prioritize – Demonstrate your memory recall skills by explaining your ability to prioritize the importance of tasks on your daily task list and that you get everything done.
  • Demonstrate – Provide vivid examples of how well you have utilized your memory recall skills in your previous positions and that you will continue to do so at this new job.

3. Examples of How to Respond

If someone asked you to answer how would you rate your memory, it’s tempting to be cheeky and respond with I’m sorry, what was the question. However, it is more beneficial toward accomplishing your goals to respond by utilizing the four factors mentioned here, to craft a vivid word picture for the hiring manager.

  • Evaluation – Never rate on an actual number scale. During the evaluation part of this process, choose the most prominent example of your skills in this area to share.
  • Organization – For example, focus on your “to do” lists and explain that you keep track of your daily tasks as a means of enhancing your memory recall to complete tasks.
  • Prioritization – In keeping with this example, explain how you are able to prioritize your “to do” list to ensure important tasks are completed first and so forth.
  • Demonstration – Pull the entire example together by showcasing a specific time when you were efficient and productive in the office by using this four part process with your “to do” list. Your work performance was able to increase productivity in the workplace.

Responding to the question how would you rate your memory is something that can be accomplished by following the four review steps: evaluation, organization, prioritization and demonstration. Remember to use a vivid word picture in your example as you tie all the factors together.

Have you ever been asked how good your memory is in an interview? How did you respond?