How To Answer The Top 10 Hotel Manager Interview Questions

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Managing a hotel requires the ability to work with a team, an eye for detail and the capacity to interact with and maintain your guests. Hotel managers can undergo as many as five interview phases and are subjected to interview questions that test their technical competencies and behavioral tendencies.

Here are the top hotel manager interview questions and how to answer them:

  1. What is your background in the hospitality industry?

The hotel manager is not an entry-level position. Candidates are required to demonstrate extensive and relevant experience in the hotel industry. Explain your educational background and any professional experience you have acquired from working in the hospitality industry. Describe your role in your past managerial positions and the responsibilities that came with this role.

  1. What experience do you have in handling hotel staff?

Hotel owners are looking for managers who are able to handle staff issues such as training, requirement, and administration. The interviewer is looking to determine whether you are able to manage a team and ensure every member of the staff is doing what they are required to do. If you have a background in Human Resource Management or training, let the interviewer know. Give examples of trainings you have conducted, how you recruit the best staff and how you handle team dynamics.

  1. How do you handle negative feedback from customers?

The interviewer may ask you to describe a situation in the past that involved an unhappy customer and how you were able to deal with this. Instead of blaming a coworker or the boss for upsetting the customer, demonstrate your diplomatic, teamwork and problem solving skills that helped to pacify and solve the situation. Show the interviewer that you are willing to take responsibility for your own shortcomings and you know how to recoup from such situations.

  1. How would you organize a conference, party or business meeting for a client?

A hotel manager’s job is not just administrative; the job also entails facilitating clients to ensure they have the best experience. In answering this question, highlight your experience in organizing events, how you are able to manage your team to organize a successful event and your customer service skills, which are important for dealing with the customer and understanding their needs.

  1. What marketing strategies would you use to promote the hotel?

Hotel managers are not only in charge of overseeing the facility; they also work with the marketing department to promote the hotel. Talk about any marketing and sales experience you may have, and propose both traditional and contemporary marketing strategies that will help to attract more guests.

  1. How would you manage bulk check-ins?

A competent hotel manager should be able to keep the hotel’s processes flowing without disruptions or crises. In particular, bulk check-ins can be hectic and it’s very easy to lose customers in such circumstances. The interviewer is assessing your organizational capacity as well as your ability to maintain the customer base. Explain how you would ensure that all team members are on board to facilitate fast and efficient reservations.

  1. What does it take to be successful in the hospitality industry?

The hotel industry is extremely competitive. Finding innovative ways to stay ahead of the competitors is critical. The interviewer is looking to see whether you understand the current trends in the industry, you have viable ideas to keep their hotel competitive and that you fully understand your own role in making their hotel successful.

  1. What strategies would you apply to ensure guests have a good experience at the hotel?

Attracting guests is one thing but keeping them and gaining referrals is quite another. Explain any strategies that will eliminate underperforming employees, empower employees to make decisions, ensure that the front desk attends to guests promptly and the back-house staff maintains clean rooms and a comforting aura for guests, as well as how to effectively deal with guest complaints.

  1. Describe your financial management capabilities?

Even though a hotel may have a separate accounts or finance office, the manager is closely involved in managing the finances of the hotel. The interviewer is interested in knowing how well you can handle hotel expenses, support a profitable business model and maintain integrity when it comes to handling incoming receipts. Give examples of how you were able to improve the financial results in your past places of work.

  1.  What would you change or improve at our hotel?

It is important to fully familiarize yourself with the hotel as part of your interview preparations. This question assesses your level of readiness to work for the hotel and the positive improvements you can make. Describe any marketing, training, recruitment, or front-office changes that can be applied to make the hotel more competitive in the industry.