How to Answer The Top 10 Interview Questions

The job interview is a decisive part in the job search as most of your chances of success depend on it. Although each company has its own recruitment method, there are some common questions usually asked at interview and your answers will determine whether or not you are chosen. The key resides in first impressions and good preparation, so the list of the top 10 interview questions below and the best way to approach them will be really useful for you.

1) Tell me about yourself

This is the first opportunity to show your virtues and strong points, but never provide exaggerated answers because the interviewer could take it the wrong way and let’s face it, employers rarely employ arrogant people. You need to exude confidence and adopt a positive attitude in order to get a promising beginning.

2) Why do you want to work for this company?

You should convey the impression that the job position will mean a step forward in your career and, at the same time, demonstrate that you know the company inside and out. It is truly important doing proper research and mentioning the good things you have found about the organisation. If you are not able to say much about it, the journey will be short.

3) Describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it

Expound a specific example and explain what the problem was, how you solved it, and what you learned from the situation. Preparing the case in advance is always a great idea as the interviewers tend to ask this question for appraising the ability to handle stress and pressure.

4) Do you prefer working on your own or as a team?

We clearly know team spirit is one of the points that most companies are looking for, so try to emphasise this kind of skill set. However, do not forget you are an individual and let them see you have your own personality. Balance is the key.

5) What qualifies you for this job?

It´s time to describe your background and all your virtues. Use your top facts and dates to impress the interviewer and give examples about your achievements. If you can prove that you have successfully carried out similar functions in any previous employment over a long period of time it would be a huge advantage.

6) Why do you wish to leave your present job?

The golden rule is not to criticise your present job, if you do that you will be ruled out straightaway. The best way to answer this question is arguing you would like to progress in your career or gain experience in a different field. Keep in your mind that using economic reasons, or stating that you want to be closer to home will not help you.

7) Could you enumerate your weaknesses and strengths?

Here is a new opportunity to promote your strong points and you should take advantage of this. Do not answer you don’t have weaknesses because everyone knows perfection does not exist, so focus on explaining them from a positive view and how you have improved. Try to link everything with the job position you are applying to.

8) What are your salary expectations?

This question is nothing but easy… Describe your salary demands according to what the job is worth and give an approximate rage. If you have any doubt, use your current salary and do not forget to include bonus and annual raises.

9) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

The interviewer wants to know if your intention is staying at the company for a long time. Talking about any specific goal could hurt you because the company´s goal may not be the same as yours. Although it might be hard to give a specific answer (after all it is 5 years away!), remember that showing your commitment will help the manager to envision you in their company in the long term.

10) Have you got any questions?

Some interviewers will give you the chance to ask questions about the job position. If the salary was not a topic earlier, do not show your interest now, at least in the first interview. Asking about the next stage in the recruitment and selection process is a good choice.

From now on, consider these recommendations when you are going to face a job interview because a proper preparation is crucial. Be honest, do your best and enjoy your success.