How to Answer the Top 10 Marketing Interview Questions

Businesses rely on marketing professionals to increase their sales volume. However, with universities producing many marketing and sales graduates into the job market, employers are always keen to hire the most competent ones.

The road to becoming a marketing representative, marketing coordinator, marketing manager – or whichever marketing job you wish to secure – begins with impressing the interviewers. How do you do this? By correctly answering the following top 10 marketing interview questions!

1. What is your take on the marketing industry?

This question measures your knowledge of the marketing industry. To answer it fully, you should be equipped with significant industry stats. For example, what was the industry’s total turnover in 2013? Be sure to state your source. You can also highlight some of the challenges facing the industry, as well as its strongest aspects.

2. How does our company rank against competitors?

If you are interested in working for a certain company, then you should gather as much information about it as possible. Although you might be tempted to rank the company highly, it is advisable to state its true position. If there are other companies doing better, say it. Provide two or three ways you will help it bridge the competitive gap with competitors.

3. What kind of services/products have you sold and which techniques did you use?

Employers often prefer marketing specialists with some hands-on experience. By asking this question, interviewers want to know whether you hold some marketing experience. Simply state the products you have sold in your previous gigs, along with the strategies used. If you are a fresh graduate, focus on the techniques you will use to market company’s products. Be it cold calling, social media campaigning or door to door marketing.

4. Have you had goals in the last 3 years? Did you meet them?

In marketing, goals are important professional tools. Apart from testing your honesty, this question exposes your failures and accomplishments. For experienced professionals, this is the perfect opportunity to convince your potential employers that you can increase their sales volume. They certainly know interviewees can heighten their goals to appear competent. So, however little your goals were, state whether you achieved them. For newly graduated professionals, say you are looking forward to setting your first marketing goals.

5. Tell us about a marketing experience that describes your work ethic

You should give an experience that demonstrates your diligence, professionalism, resilience and hard work. It could have been during an internship, where you had to work overtime to meet your goals. Or, you could have been a victim of retrenchment in your past job. Instead of jumping ship to another profession, you stood firm, and here you are auditioning for another marketing gig!

6. What is your sales procedure for a particular lead?

Assuming you have been hired, what steps will you take when selling a product to a potential customer? Here, your interpersonal skills are being put to test. Do you just call the client and ask him whether he is interested in buying the product right away? Or do you begin by thanking him for answering your call? Choose the latter.

7. How do you conquer buyer objections?

Interviewers want to know your understanding of the factors that influence customers’ reactions toward a particular product/service. Do you give up on a customer because she says the price is too high? To answer this query impressively, you should describe your understanding of product value as the key factor that influences consumers’ purchasing habits.

8. How conversant are you with our target market?

If you can’t answer this question, then you don’t even know what kind of products/services the company sells. If the company is a car manufacturer selling top-of-the range cars, the target market is the high-earning households. In this case, you can state the neighbourhoods where the company is likely to make more sales. Regardless of the company’s target market, you should have an intricate understanding of the potential buyers.

9. Why our product?

In a nutshell, interviewers want to know why you chose their company and not its competitors. Here, there is no harm in overpraising your potential employer’s product. Say good things about the product. If it’s a tablet PC, say its features are quite innovative. You could even declare your love for technology. As soon as interviewers detect you are passionate about the company’s products, you might as well be a step closer to landing the job.

10. What will you do to market our new products?

Are you creative? Don’t tell the interviewers that you will use the common strategies every marketing specialist uses. Think out of the box. If you will be marketing a car, can you take your friends on a road trip to just make them feel the car’s performance and think about buying it? Well, you get my point!

Finally, it is important to present yourself as a focused candidate. Speak eloquently and confidently because marketing requires individuals with excellent communication skills. Good luck!


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