How to Answer "What Irritates You About Other People and How Do You Deal with It?"

Being irritated in the workplace is not conducive to maintaining a productive attitude. If you are easily irritated by others, you can allow that irritation to negatively affect your workplace performance. During a job interview, the hiring manager may ask you how you would answer the way you’d handle circumstances when other people irritate you. This article will address how to answer that question.

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1. Why This Question Is Asked

Hiring managers need to ascertain your fit pertaining to your workplace experience as well as your skill set. One of those skill sets involves your interpersonal relationships in the workplace. The way that you handle conflicts with regard to being irritated with colleagues and customers is an important factor in how well you’ll perform in the workplace. Your prospective employer needs to know how well you’ll deal with such irritations. The way that you answer this question will provide the hiring manager with important details on whether or not you would be a match for working in their company.

2. How You Should Respond

The first step toward responding to this question is to ascertain how well you deal with irritations in the workplace. You need to ascertain what types of actions and behaviors from other people irritate you. Generally, with such interview questions, you should provide a specific example detailing your response. However, as it pertains to how you deal with irritation among people in the workplace, you do not want to cast blame on anyone. Additionally, you need to balance your response with honesty but also a proactive and productive attitude. If you portray an overly negative attitude, that will showcase you in a negative light to the hiring manager. It is vital to focus more on how you effectively enact change rather than fall further into the irritation. The main goal of answering this question is to demonstrate your ability to effectively adapting and accepting the idiosyncrasies of others that cause you irritation. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you can put your negativity behind you and work together to cultivate a positive workplace environment.

3. Sample Responses

With regard to this type of question, keep your response concise and to the point. Your tone should be positive as you try to demonstrate your skill sets of being flexible and easygoing. Additionally, your answer should shine light on your capability to cultivate unity in the workplace rather than furthering dissension. If you can show these factors through your response, you will basically answer any concerns that the hiring manager has of you as a potential employee. You can respond that you are able to work well with others despite differing personalities and quirks, and that your main focus at work is to be productive in all circumstances.

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When figuring out a way to respond to this type of interview question, it is important to first ascertain what irritates you in the workplace. Then you need to develop the best concise response that showcases you in a good light during your interview.

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