App Development for the Workplace and Business: Trends and Predictions 2014

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The app market is becoming more diverse, competitive and creative, which means that app developers certainly have their work cut out for them when it comes to delivering the type of apps that the general consumer market require. Business owners and working professionals are especially becoming more accustomed to using apps that are aimed at streamlining various business tasks like invoicing, networking and even market research - these apps are part of a growing niche market that app developers should be homing in on.

VisionMobile’s recently published report Business and Productivity Apps: An untapped developer opportunity looks at why app developers should be focusing more on app development for professional/business owners as well as how the influence of BYOD (bring your own device) trends is shaping the way consumers are using mobile solutions. 6,000 app developers were surveyed and according to this report VisionMobile suggests that professionals and businesses spent $28 billion on apps alone last year and that by 2016 the business and productivity market will be worth $58 billion which is a 27% growth rate.

Targeting the App Development Market and Revenue Estimates

These figures alone should encourage any app developer to start thinking about targeting this section of the app market well in advance if they want to exploit this part of the market effectively. This report states that a majority of app developers are only targeting specific sections of the market like game and lifestyle apps.

These apps were of course very popular in terms of app store revenues last year. This report shows that business apps raked in just $1 billion in comparison to $11 billion by consumer apps. The findings also indicate that the business and productivity app market is expanding at the same speed as the consumer app market therefore it offers app developers more opportunities to deliver the type of app solutions business owners and professionals are looking for and incorporating into their everyday work lives.

App Trends in the Workplace

The report goes on to identify four key trends that are driving the business and productivity app market in IT, these trends are:

  • The influence of apps on application programme interfaces (APIs.)
  • The gravitation of consumer preference towards smartphone/tablet devices instead of PCs.
  • The way in which consumers are championing BYOD policies in the workplace instead of IT directors or CIOs.
  • Managers in the workplace are now able to make informed decisions about the use of apps and devices in the workplace.

In regards to vertical app market places this report highlights that the rise of mobile usage amongst consumers will be the catalyst behind ‘more use-case specific applications.’ This is due to a consumer need for business orientated apps in the workplace.

In a nutshell, the study identified the importance of bespoke business apps and the development of these apps for business owners/professionals that app developers should absolutely take on board. With custom apps generating 65% of revenues app developers should start paying close attention to not only how business-targeted apps are being used by consumers, but the potential of these apps in the marketplace as consumer needs for these apps continue to rise. App development is a fierce battlefield that has now taken on a new dimension which app developers shouldn’t hesitate to respond to.