Apple Launches Website Claiming Job Creation in Europe

As one of the world’s leading technological innovators, Apple has recently announced that the company is responsible for creating or is currently enabling 629,000 jobs in Europe. According to this site, Apple claims to have 16,000 employees in Europe with 497,000 jobs that are a direct result of the company’s Apple Store. The following statement by Apple appears on the website:

“With more than 1.2 million apps and over 75 billion downloads, the App Store has created an entirely new industry: iOS app design and development.

Since we ignited the app revolution in 2008, roughly 500,000 jobs have been created in Europe that are directly attributable to the App Store. Of the more than $20 billion developers have earned from the App Store sales worldwide, $6.5 billion has been paid to European developers. This job growth for coders, developers, entrepreneurs, and others would not have existed without Apple’s innovation and technology. We also provide app developers with the tools and distribution they need to bring their best ideas to hundreds of millions of iOS customers worldwide through the incredible App Store.

In 2014 the overall app economy is expected to deliver $16.5 billion in revenues to EU GDP, and this contribution is growing at a rate of 12% per year. Globally, the app economy will add an estimated $86 billion in revenues to worldwide GDP in 2014.”

Apple also claims via this website that 116,000 jobs have been created with other companies due to Apple’s own company growth and that 132, 000 jobs in Europe are also supported or created by Apple. Judging from some of the other statements Apple has made on this website the company is heavily investing in app development which demonstrates that the company understands how prominent apps are in the current marketplace.

Apple’s strong presence in Europe in regards to employment and retail cannot be disputed as the company boasts 4,500 European based suppliers, the tech giant is very comfortable with basing one of the most important fractions of its business in Europe. As a company, Apple certainly knows how to deliver game changing gadgets and the hottest apps so it makes sense that its App Store is employing a reasonable amount of employees.

It is not clear why Apple has decided to devote an entire website declaring its amount of European employees, but also reports claim the company is mimicking the same actions it took two years ago when it published a report that showed that the company employed 600,000 American employees.

Regardless of what Apple’s motivations are in regards to creating this website for the sole purpose of divulging how many jobs the company has created in Europe, job creation especially in the tech sector is steadily increasing not just in Europe alone. This is a trend that will hopefully continue as the European job market continues to recover from what has been a harsh recession - with more companies like Apple encouraging job creation right across the tech sector - the industry will be able to sustain itself in the future, and retain some top employees at the same time.


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