Apple's Darkest Secrets [Video]

Apple is one of the biggest companies of our time and its innovative products have changed the world. Despite its near god like status, however, the company is far from perfect and has some very dark secrets.

For example, if you work at Apple you will have to deal with being constantly micromanaged. This doesn’t just mean having a boss constantly interfere with your work, though. No, this means being constantly watched by Apple to make sure that you don’t leak information about any new products.

Apple’s security and secrecy policy is so strict that it even forbids its employees from speaking to their wives about the projects they are working on. Also, according to the Daily Mail, the company monitors new prototype devices using a system called iTrack.

The company even has its own security service (secret police unit) called the Worldwide Loyalty Team otherwise known as the ‘Apple Gestapo’ to help keep its secrets safe. According to this video from Dark5, the ‘Apple Gestapo’ have even disguised themselves as police officers in order to search an employee’s home for a prototype iPhone.

Apple’s security policies are certainly not their only dirty secret, though. Apple has also been heavily criticized for its harsh working culture and the safety of its employees. For example, Foxconn, Apple’s primary Chinese manufacturer’s factories have been described as similar to forced labour camps. Reportedly there is even a quote on a factory wall that reads "A harsh environment is a good thing". The working conditions are so bad that in 2010, 14 workers committed suicide.

Want to see what Apple’s other dirty secrets are? Check out the video and let me know what you think in the comments section below…