Apple’s Next Big Thing Could Be an Electric Car

electric car apple

We’ve got iPhones, iPads, iWatches, but how about an iCar? Apple is said to have employed some new hires from the auto industry to start preliminary research and development on an electric vehicle resembling a minivan. The project is called Titan and was green-lighted from the giant’s CEO Tim Cook a year ago. Well, if Titan results in a real car, it will put the company in direct competition with Tesla and other automotive giants. But how does Apple get from an iPhone to a car? Well, this should not come as a surprise. Tesla is a leader in the field of electric cars while Google is already eyeing self-driving car technology. With that being said, Silicon Valley is not very far from becoming a top-notch car technology hub.

Rumours say that there is a huge recruitment war between Apple and Tesla, and Apple offers lucrative perks to hire top talent with expertise in automobile technologies. It offers $250,000 starting bonuses and 60% pay bumps. According to reports, it could take years to finish the production vehicle if that’s even Apple’s goal. Apple has definitely the budget to kickstart a vehicle business with its $178 billion cash pile.

What do you think of Apple’s automotive ambitions? Will the company make it to win the competition in the field of cutting-edge electric-powered cars? Please, have your say in the comments section below.




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