Are British Employees Thanked Enough In The Workplace?

How often do you hear the words “thank you” in your office? Maybe it has never registered in your mind before you started reading this article. In an ideal world you probably would like to think that those words are used frequently anytime you hold the door open for a colleague or hand your boss a spare pen because all of the other pens seem to have magically disappeared from the office again.

Perhaps you are the culprit (not the pen thing) but is there a chance you don’t say “thank you” around the office enough? has recently conducted a survey which is part of the ‘Thank You’ campaign and carried out by Vision Critical surveyed 500 British employers and 2,000 employees for two separate surveys. The results show that 58% of employees think that they are not thanked enough in the workplace. This demonstrates that the simple verbal gesture of saying “thank you” in the workplace is something that a reasonable amount of employees aren’t told enough in the office.

The Consequences of Not Being Thanked

There is a big difference between being awarded an employee of the month award and being told “thank you.” The difference is a mere polite verbal acknowledgement instead of being handed an award which is much more sincere, and the surveyors of this survey would probably agree. Here are some additional key findings:

  • 41% of surveyors reported that there is a lack of using the phrase thanks in their workplace.
  • 54% of surveyors reported that not being thanked enough makes them feel under-valued.
  • 41% of respondents also reported that not be thanked enough in the workplace contributed to a lack of motivation to do their job.

Andrew Sumner, the managing director of for the Ireland and the UK made the following statement:

“This research shows that employers need to thank their staff more often. Saying thank you is the type of small change than can have a big impact in the workplace. Managers may be seeing the value in saying thanks, but struggling to communicate it in a clear way to their staff.”

One of the most interesting results of this survey shows that employees preferred to be reimbursed £1,608 per year/£134 per month as a penalty for not being thanked enough in the workplace. This demonstrated how important saying thank you is to employees as well.

What Employers Think About Saying Thank You in the Workplace

Other key findings of this survey reveal that employers need to make more of an effort to say thank to their staff, the results are as follows:

  • 93% of employers thought that being polite was a very important factor in regards to creating a healthy workplace culture.
  • 75% of employers think that not thanking employees does have a bad influence on their workforce’s eagerness to perform well in their job roles.
  • 2% of employers reported that “thank you” was over-used in their workplace.

What this survey has managed to demonstrate is that employers should do their best to thank their staff on a regular basis. With so much emphasis placed upon individual employee recognition in the workplace there should also be more of an effort made by employers to simply just thank their employees as well. From an employee perspective, it would be a positive element of their employer’s workplace practises which would reassure them that their employer appreciates them and the jobs that they do.

Image credit – Alex_F/Shutterstock