Are British Taxpayers Forced to Support the Wrong People?

“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them.”

It is no secret that British people are becoming increasingly agitated about where their taxes are being spent. In these times of austerity, with constant cuts to public services and people losing their jobs, the public want their money to be spent at home. This line of thinking is coming from all sectors of society, as people are seeing their quality of life decline. It is understandable then that people would be rather annoyed when they find out that millions of pounds are being spent on people who have contributed little or nothing to the public purse. Why then, is the government spending money on helping terrorists, illegal immigrants and people who intend to stay on the Dole forever?

Fugitives can sue...?

One of the latest issues to spark controversy was pointed out by the heads of the three intelligence agencies, MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. Among other issues, they criticised the fact that the government had handed out over £30 million in compensation to terrorists and suspects over alleged human rights violations. They complained that they were powerless to defend themselves against these accusations and that it gave terrorists the impression that Britain was a weak target. The latest case is that of the Somali born, British national, terrorist suspect, Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed. On Friday, he cut off his ankle monitor, ran to a mosque and then escaped under a Burka. It has since emerged that he is suing the government for £1 million, over Human Rights Violations, using Legal Aid. To make the issue all the more distasteful to the public; his case is still active, even though he is currently a fugitive from the law!

Free Education: But For Whom?

Another recent case which has incurred the publics’ wrath concerned two asylum seekers who are to be deported within the year. Even though both men have had their requests for asylum rejected, they are receiving a huge amount of financial support from the government. One of the men is having flight lessons costing £10,000, paid for by the state and his older brother’s University education is being fully funded. With the rise in fees at most Universities to roughly £10,000 per year; students and parents are feeling a bit hard done by.

No more 'Benefits-Britain'...

Benefits caps have reduced the amount of benefit being paid to 'undeserving' people massively. There are now very few families enjoying an upper middle class salary while having never worked a day in their lives. The government has at least managed to close this loophole for the large part. While you can still live on the dole, it is now very hard to use it to live a life of leisure, something that many people were taking full advantage of before hand. It seems though that this is the only area that they have managed to have any success in. Sadly, at the same time they have also caused problems for many genuine jobseekers that have been made redundant or simply can’t find work. So while they are capping one class of claimants, they are punishing those who desperately want to get a job, but simply cannot. When will they get the balance right? The government needs to recognise exactley who they need to support and why, sooner the better.

Help Graduates First!

For the many tax paying students, graduates, parents and general citizens, all of this seems like a bit of a kick in the teeth. They are wondering what was the point in all of these austerity measures and increases in University fees. Are they paying for people who don’t deserve to get the privileges they should be receiving? Many graduates left unemployed once they finish University, despite actively looking for work. What many graduates must be asking themselves is, Why isn’t the government doing more to help us jobs? More and more students are going to University while the number of jobs are falling. The Work Placement schemes and other programmes to help graduates, as well as other young people get jobs, are not working. Unless the government takes action fast, the problem of youth unemployment is just going to get worse; as will their displeasure about how Britian's taxes are being spent.

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Image Source: BBC