Are Employee Secrets Safe at Work?

two girl friends whispering secrets

Ah, the terrifying, horrifying digital age in which nothing is secret, after a few minutes on Google most people can figure out where you live, where you work and how kinky you are. The funny thing is I’m not even going to talk about digital security…I’m talking about nosy co-workers and the statistics behind their eavesdropping. Prepared to be terrified because no…your secrets are not safe at work.


The Other Person

This probably won’t come as a shock to you, but people like to talk smack about managers, bosses and other team members. According to data gathered by a usatoday survey regarding workplace secrets, out of the one in ten employees that have overheard or found damning information about their business or colleagues, sixty-two percent of them had heard an employee bad mouthing co-workers or bosses. This is pretty mundane and boring though…let’s move on to something a bit more spicy.

The Nude Factor


It makes sense that when you spend the majority of your day in an office, your personal and professional life can often get mixed up. We decorate our cubicle with useless trinkets we find inspiring and amusing, pictures of loved ones and provocative nude photos of ourselves…actually, most people really don’t do that, but according to the usatoday survey, an alarming number of employees have gotten their sticky mitts on a picture of a co-worker in a compromising state of undress.

Hanky Panky

On the tail of that salacious statistic, about 20% of the employees that listened to a damning conversation revealed that it was about some sexy office shenanigans. It makes sense since an estimated 60% of affairs begin at work, but talking about it? Come on…well, I guess it’s a bit of that naughty (potentially job jeopardizing) appeal.

Garbage Disposal


A lot of secrets can be found in a company or person’s garbage. According to this article by Kevin Roose, who dared two elite hackers to “destroy” his life, the first thing they did was go through his trash to see if they couldn’t find information they could use to hack his digital life. Ironically many office workers have “stumbled” upon various damning pieces of refuse including but not restricted to: co-worker’s resumes, love letters from one co-worker to another (Oh, Behave!) and even letters from the boss’s mistress. You wanted raunchy, and I delivered! What? You didn’t?


Of course, a lot of the information on the grapevine pertains to people getting laid off, fired or organizational reshuffling (which is corporate jargon for firing a bunch of people). After bad mouthing people, this is the second most common type of "accidentally" heard information. Honestly, though if there is one piece of private information that is less gossip and more survival mechanism, it’s this, so is it less reprehensible?

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