Are Robots Taking Over The World?

Are robots taking over the world? In short, no but they aren't far off it. Robots, also known as humanoids, do have an important role in the work places with some people even being relaced by them.

Robots and technology are a massive part of our world now, and it doesn't look like that will change any time soon. We depend on technology, but we rarely think about those who lose their jobs to these humanoids. In the coming years, robots threaten to wipe out jobs in restaurants, entertainment sectors, retail stores, hotels and many other businesses.

In this economy people are struggling to get a job, and with the rise of robots in the workplace maintaining a career will enevitably make it harder. Unless of course you are one of the brainy people that will be hired to fix the robots when they don't live up to expectations.

Fiscal Times have reported that countries including Japan, South Korea, China and Thailand have already started using robots to serve in restaurants and wait on tables. A robot even served President Obama in Isreal, meaning that robots more than likely took over someone else's job.

Although, as reported, tax bases (including state, federal and local taxes) will enevitably shrink because robots cannot generate income. Using robots will lower prices for businesses and their owners, including production prices. This therefore could mean lower prices for consumers. However, with no job to pay for anything it isn't exactly much more beneficial. What's more, people needing social security will likely increase if robots and technology continue to take over.

In this 40 minute video, a very detailed aspect is presented to show how robots will change the world. An interesting point of view even states how effective humanoids can be during natural disasters. In huge disasters (tsunami's, earthquakes) these robots would make it possible to sort through rubble, and do jobs too dangerous for humans. It is with these disasters that the human race can greatly benefit from the use of humanoids.

For jobs humans simply cannot physically do without extreme training and specific equipment, such as exploring space, robots and technology are fantastic. Although this is may be a significant problem for future generations. It is imperative that we start to consider how humans will cope when jobs become few and far between.

What do you think of the video, and the crisis that may yet develop sooner than we think? After all, it could be your family and children that suffer because of a rise in humanoid use.