Are Some People Born to Run Their Own Empire?

Chances are, you’ve heard someone was "born to do this" or "this is what they were born to do." This person does their job so well and with such passion that it seems like a natural fit. Often, the word "destiny" is thrown out, and depending on what you believe, you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. 

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Some people are better suited to run their own empire, and grab life by the horns rather than being along for someone else’s ride. Is it destiny? Were they truly born to do something? It may be more practical to take a look at one’s upbringing, and how they got to where they are today.

Product Of Your Environment

We all come from different walks of life. We live in different communities, are part of different cultures, have different teachers, mentors, parents, siblings, and overall experiences. Our experiences from these different situations help to mold us into who we are today. In a way, we are programmed from these experiences, our environment, to think, act or behave in a certain way.

Every environment has its negatives and its positives. Maybe your family made barely enough money to get by or your parents were very supportive of whatever it is you wanted to do. Either way, we learn how to adapt to the world around us by these real life experiences, and those who run their own empire have several traits in common:

Thirst For Learning

Without an interest in learning new things, you can only get so far. Knowledge helps to open new doors, and new possibilities. The biggest mistake we can make is thinking we know everything when, in fact, there’s so much more we could learn. People who run their own empire know that there’s much more to learn, and take the time every day to learn something new.


Never before in history has there been a more difficult time to pay attention. The Internet with its photos, videos, stories and social networks, provides far more than enough to be distracted nonstop for the rest of your life. The empire builder knows they must focus on what matters most, and to try and tune out distractions as best as possible.


We all have our strengths and weaknesses, however, it can be hard for us to admit what our weaknesses are. Instead of being honest with ourselves, we can end up trying to inflate our own egos by doing something ourselves. This ends up leading to a less-than-desirable result, and we suffer from it. Someone running their own empire understands they can’t do everything themselves, and they must find and hire people who can.

This goes back to focusing on what matters most, which in this instance are the things they’re best at.


At the end of the day, you can have the absolute best knowledge, lazer sharp focus, and a great team, but if you can’t take action, none of it matters. One of the biggest problems keeping people from taking action is fear of failure. Those who run an empire welcome failure as it teaches them where they went wrong, and how they can do better in the future.

Do you think that some people are just born to run their own empire? Or do you think that people always have to learn?