Are Vinyl Records Making a Comeback? [Infographic]

Despite the rapid development and online distribution of digital music through various music streaming sites such as iTunes and Spotify, a large proportion of retro lovers around the world seem to still prefer good old vinyl records. A poll by the BPI in 2014, confirmed that physical albums including CDs and vinyl LPs accounted for almost 50 percent of total sales, indicating that physical music is not dead just yet.

But, what are the reasons behind the comeback of vinyl? This infographic from Liberty Games and NeoMam Studios, explains why people have suddenly developed an interest in vinyl and how this will affect the music industry in the future. Interestingly, 15 percent of those who buy vinyl records buy them just own them and don’t actually listen to them. Unbelievable isn’t it?

Check out the infographic and let me know what you think about vinyl. Will it crash digital music or not? How do you think this would affect your career as a musician?