Are We There Yet? Living on Mars

The possibility of space travel has always excited and enticed the human race. Even before the ability was afforded to us, writers, artists and philosophers dedicated pages upon pages fantasizing, postulating and theorizing about the opportunity of living in the dark void. Well, it seems that our aspirations to travel and live amongst the stars is within reach, with the Mars One program shortlisting 100 finalists to participate in the first attempt to colonize Mars.

What is the Mars One Program?

The Mars One program is a Dutch not-for-profit foundation that intends on developing a human habitable colony on the red planet. Mars One intends on sending 24 individuals to Mars where they will live and work for the duration of their lifetime. The foundation insinuates that the Mars One station could potentially be used as a jump-off point for further explorations of the solar system and ultimately the galaxy.

I want to go!!!

OK, cool your rockets there space cowboy. Out of the 200.000 applicants only 100 people were chosen and out of those 100 only 24 will be selected. The 24 that are chosen will be put in groups of six and sent to space one group every two years starting in 2024. It will take 7 months just to travel to the planet. Oh, and the people that are chosen will have to go through 7 years of training. The training will include all the things necessary to keep the colony afloat from mechanical and electrical maintenance to farming and crop cultivation in confined spaces.

What’s the Potential?

It could go horribly wrong

In the early days of the colonization of the ‘New World,’ a colony named the Roanoke Colony became known as the Lost Colony. Why? Well, a few months after it was colonized by 115 colonists it was found completely deserted except for a single skeleton. Colonization present a few fundamental issues: First and foremost is the fact that in the case of an emergency the colonist are left to their own machinations as it takes an extended period of time to reach them. Secondly any unforeseen factors, variables or risks can ultimately become a death sentence. Also, we have the example of Doom that in my book is a feasible scenario.

Do you think that we could potentially open the gates of hell with our Mars endeavor? Then let me know in the comment section below.