Are You a Visual Thinker? [Video]

There’s a reason why some people are better at a job than others. Depending on where a person’s talents lie, they are capable of carrying out certain tasks much more effectively than others. It is important to note that this kind of ability isn’t restricted to practical skills. A person’s thought process also influences the way they view the world, encouraging them to confront a problem through a unique scope and think out of the box.

This trait seems to come naturally to the most creative individuals. Through visual thinking, artists, designers and even architects have the power to create powerful images in their mind. That’s because they tend to think in pictures. But what does this really mean?

The ability to think visually is a trait that has been present in some of the greatest minds of all time. For example when Thomas Edison was working on the first phonograph, he planned out the whole design as well as the complex functionality of the product in his mind. Similarly, Albert Einstein used images as his own source of inspiration and often found communicating with actual words difficult and confusing.   

For a large group of people out there, images and spatial thinking are indeed a way of life. They tend to think like that in their daily lives as they concentrate better and manage to do brilliant work in their own fields of study. This video from BuzzFeed explains what a visual thinker is and discusses the possible limitations and potential that this ability offers. It also points out how this can be an incredibly useful skill in modern society. Check it out!

So, what type of thinker are you? Let me know what you think in the comments section below…