Are You Doing Any of These Things? Find out if You are a Truly Creative Person!

Highly creative people are easy to identify. They are the ones who usually stand out from the crowd and never fail to make a great first impression. Most of the time they are also the ones who are able to see the world differently as if they are using a colourful pair of binoculars. These are the people who can inspire and motivate others to take action and have the power to spread their own creativity to initiate innovation and change. 

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So, here’s a list of 10 things most creative people do differently from others. Check this out and find out if you are a creative individual yourself!  

1. You daydream a lot

Daydreaming is crucial to being authentic. When you daydream, you are able to travel to a different universe and make up new concepts using the power of imagination. It allows you to overcome your own limitations and come up with the most profound and unique ideas out of the blue.

2. You ask questions

A naturally curious human being, a creative individual wants to know it all. You are not afraid of asking for further clarification on topics you show genuine interest in and are always thirsty for more information. Most frequently you are amongst those people who ask ‘why’ and want to get to grips with just about any subject. You never stop questioning things no matter how big or small they are.

3. You search for new experiences in life

Apart from seeing the world differently, creative people are always looking for ways to expand their horizons. This means that you hate being stagnant in your life, so you are more likely to embrace change by travelling and generally trying out things for the first time. You get bored easily so you prefer to challenge yourself every step of the way. This gives you greater satisfaction once you see success in your results.

4. You enjoy spending time alone

Being alone doesn’t bother you. On the contrary, in most cases you enjoy and feel more comfortable in solitude. That’s because it allows you to be more creative giving you the opportunity to reflect and allow your imagination to run wild. Also, you tend to be more efficient when working on your own as it gives you time to organise your own thoughts.

5. You act before you think

As a creative person you are impulsive; you say what comes to your mind and usually prefer to express your feelings through a variety of means either through writing, dance, art or music. Despite the fact that you are highly emotional and intuitive, sometimes you tend to rush into giving a quick response to others that you don’t think through first.

6. You are observant

You are able to observe what’s happening in your environment. As a perfectionist, you look at even the tiniest details that are usually not visible to others. In that sense, your curiosity is not only satisfied through questioning, but also by observing how people around you behave and interact with others. Because of that, you’ve come to appreciate the differences in every person and have developed deep understanding of the values of respect, diversity and individuality.

7. You find inspiration everywhere

The most creative people are the dreamers of the world and the pioneers of the future. As one, you have a special talent in finding inspiration in everything, even the most unlikely of things and places and generate your own ideas from there. Whenever you find something that sparks your interest, you are quick to capture it, either using your camera or writing your thoughts down on paper.

8. You take risks

Creativity equals adventure. This explains why you say ‘yes’ to life and most of the times you are the one to convince your friends into doing stupid things that they know soon or later will regret doing. Nevertheless, you are able to identify and create opportunities for yourself since you are not afraid to go after your dreams despite feeling unsure about the future.

9. You never stop learning

It seems that you are very concerned about self-development and always think about ways in which you can enrich and express yourself. You know that in order to stay inspired you need to expose yourself to new kinds of learning experiences and are most likely to do this through volunteering. You are well-aware of your own weaknesses and limitations and you are constantly trying to take in as much as possible.

10. You aren’t afraid of being different

Let’s face it, creative people are complex human beings and they know it. You like to express yourself differently to other people and you are not afraid to show it. You choose to show off your uniqueness through your alternative lifestyle, the way you dress or the type of music you listen to. You are proud of it; and why shouldn’t you be?

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So, do you consider yourself a creative person? If you feel you need additional help figuring that out, take a look at this video from 99U where Tina Seelig talks about the 6 main characteristics that only truly creative people possess!

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