Are You Making These Social Media Marketing Mistakes?


Social media is one of the most useful marketing tools ever conceived. You can reach an audience of millions with minimal investment. All you need is time and a voice. For every successful social media marketing campaign, there are at least a hundred failed ones.

Below I discuss a number of points, including setting strategies and what is likely to irritate your audience. Read on and see if you’re making any of these social media marketing mistakes.

No Strategy

If you don’t have a strategy, you’re wasting your time. For a start, you can’t measure your success without one. How do you know if you’re spending your time in the right way if you don’t know where you’re going?

You need to set an attainable goal with measurable objectives. These need to be clear and they need to fit in with the needs of your business.

‘Get more sales!’ isn’t a strategy. It’s a desire. A strategy would be ‘Increase the number of conversions gained directly through Facebook’. This is something you can measure month by month.

Failing to Fill Out Your Profile

 Before anyone clicks on a link to go to your website, they’re going to want to find out more about you. They want to know your site is worth their time and you aren’t just some Internet marketing middleman.

Fill out your social media profile and make it look professional. Show you’re invested in connecting with people through social media. An empty profile demonstrates laziness and a lack of empathy with what customers want.

Numbers Over Quality

 Some companies will set a goal where they aim to reach a certain number of fans. This is a mistake. The number of fans used to matter because that’s how Google and the social media platforms themselves would measure popularity and success. Today, it’s in how your fans interact with you.

A company with 100 fans interacting with them will always be ranked higher than a company with 1000 fans with no interaction.

Concentrate on connecting with individuals. Reply to them. Stay away from any services that offer ‘paid users’. Having too many fans with no interaction can actually damage your campaign.


Educating Not Selling

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job search

 People have no interest in reading about your ‘fantastic’ sale. They don’t care in the slightest. This is what irritates people, and many consider it spam. Social media is a two-way relationship. You need to talk to users. Ask them questions and reply to their queries. Act as if you’re talking to a friend.

The name of the game is education. Educate your audience about what they care about and the sales will come passively. Go for the soft sell not the hard sell. Hard selling should only happen on your website.

Approach Criticism

It’s common for companies to censor criticism so they don’t look bad. This natural reaction harms your brand. Your audience will find out about your censorship sooner or later. Rather than risking this level of humiliation, respond to the criticism. Even if you don’t deliver on your promises, the fact you’re trying will sway people to give you another chance.

Overall, social media marketing is about being able to develop deeper relationships. Forget about the quantity of your relationships. Focus on the quality instead. Practically every social media marketing mistake emanates from doing something that doesn’t make the consumer-business relationship go deeper.

Your best course of action is to forget about sales and think about interaction. The sales will come in time. Take your mind away from how many conversions you’ve made. It’s this culture that discourages people from following businesses. Don’t be a service provider. Be a friend.





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