Are You the Office Jokester? QUIZ

Do you consider yourself the life and soul of the office? Are you always the one making your co-workers howl with laugher? Is your main aim of a working day to prank your colleague just for the sheer fun of it? If so, you are likely known as the office jokester. You are fun loving, positive, and a hit with everyone at work.

Take the quiz below to find out whether you are an office jokester!

1. Your desk…
a. Is neat and well organized
b. Has a Whoopi cushion on standby and a drawer full of prank tools

2. You spend your lunchtime…
a  Eating your lunch and browsing the internet
b. Crawling underneath your colleague’s desk to plant your first joke of the day!

3. First thing you think of when your boss is off work for the day…
a. I must get this workload done so we don’t fall behind
b. How can I set off a stink bomb without anyone noticing?

4. You are remembered by clients for…
a. Being well prepared and confident
b. Telling a hilarious joke

5. You greet new colleagues…
a. With a welcoming smile
b. With an electric shock handshake pran

6. You spend your weekends . . .
a. Relaxing and forgetting about work
b. Planning the greatest workplace prank ever!

7. You go to the stationary cupboard for . . .
a. Some extra pens and a notepad
b. To stockpile rubbers and elastic bands as weapons for your next prank attack!

8. April Fool’s Day is . . .
a. Just another day
b. Is the day you have waited for all year and pranks are about to go wild!

9. When making tea for your co-workers you . . .
a. Spend extra time making sure you get the orders right to make the best tea ever
b. Exchange the sugar for salt in a co-workers cup just to see the look on their face when they try it!

10. You arrive early on the last day of work before Christmas leave to…
a. Lay out the brownies and cupcakes you spent all last night making for everyone
b. To rig the entire office for a day of full on prankster activities!



If you scored mostly A, then co-workers and management take you seriously as an employee.

If you scored mostly B, then you are definitely known as the office jokester and will likely be considered the ‘go-to’ person when your co-workers need a laugh!