Are You Working In A Toxic Office?

Do you dread going to work the next day? Are you praying that colleague is absent tomorrow? Feeling edgy and irritable when you get home from work? If these are all answered with a yes, there are signs that you may be working in a toxic environment.

The atmosphere is tense, you’re walking on egg-shells around your boss, and you’re trying your hardest to avoid that annoying co-worker. Working in a toxic office is everyone’s dreaded nightmare. Research by Marsha Petrie Su states that a negative working environment can lead to eczema, increased anxiety, insomnia and high blood pressure.

We present to you five signs in recognising that you are working in an office with poor work culture:

1. Cliques

It feels like you’re in high school again. There’s that one group of colleagues who stick together and thrive on each other’s negative energy. They are generally mean-spirited towards workers who are exterior from the ‘clique’ and tend to suck up to your boss.

2. Favouritism

Notice certain fellow co-workers getting promotions or special time off? Your boss’ favourite employee isn’t you and it gets you angry. The favourite worker is climbing up the work ladder quicker than you and it’s extremely unfair. Favouritism destroys trust in the workplace.

3. Unqualified Newbies

There’s a newbie in the office and you’ve found out they’ve bypassed the usual recruitment process. There you are with your Bachelor’s degree and there they are with no qualifications whatsoever. This new hire tries to tell you what’s right when you know they are so wrong!

4. Bully Boss

Are you the victim of a sharp-tongued boss? There are many who suffer in their workplace because of their boss and his/her intimidating ways. Cases of practical jokes, sexual harassment or racist, sexist or homophobic comments coming from your superior is awfully uncomfortable.

5. Theiving Collegues

You’re proud of yourself for coming up with an innovative idea for your company only to have your morale dampened because your boss or colleague has adopted the idea as theirs. Your chance of a promotion or raise has been diminished thanks to others for taking credit of YOUR work. It’s time to stand up.

The only way to conquer what's stopping your workplace from being harmonious is by standing-up to the situation. Although quitting may not be the answer (since you need this job), discussing the situation with the manager is. There's no harm in clearing the air and disclosing your feelings. Give it a try, that bullying boss or irritating collegue may back off...