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Cee Lo Green
BREAK ROOM / JUL 25, 2015

In the past century, there has been an enormous amount of transformation in the style of clothing that men wear to the office. For years, it was a standard three-piece...
manipulation of the media
WORKPLACE / JUL 15, 2015

Well, if you think about it then yes. You probably won’t find it written anywhere, but you aren’t going to buy something if you don’t know it exists, so you need to be...
How to Break the Rules in Business Without Breaking the Law

There are rules in business, just as there are rules in any area of society. Break them at your peril. What you have to bear in mind is that the rules of business aren’t...
European Court Rules Obese Employees as “Disabled”
BREAK ROOM / JAN 04, 2015

One case in Europe has determined obesity to be considered a disability. There is no discrimination law protecting obese workers; however, European courts have made an...
7 Rules to Avoid Credit Card Debt as a Breadwinner
BREAK ROOM / DEC 27, 2014

If you’re the breadwinner, the head of the household or a single parent, you have to make smart decisions with your money. You’re the only one bringing income into the...
What Can You Live Without? Four Rules to Help You Decide
BREAK ROOM / NOV 13, 2014

If you desperately need to save money, reducing your monthly expenses makes sense. But sometimes, knowing exactly what to eliminate from your budget can prove...
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