Proofreading note
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / MAY 01, 2018

It takes just one teenie-tiny typo on your otherwise awesome CV to ruin your chances of landing a job. Of course, there are some employers who are willing to overlook a...
Personal information folder
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / DEC 27, 2017

Many people – jobseekers and recruiters alike – will tell you that your CV’s employment history section is the hardest to put together. Others might tell you it’s the...
Grammar on wooden blocks
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / DEC 19, 2017

Recruiters and hiring managers don’t just scrutinise applicants’ CVs for their qualifications and experience. They’re also sticklers for grammar and spelling. So much so...
Surprised interviewers holding long CV
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / NOV 16, 2017

Let’s pretend you’re buying a train ticket to Jobville. There are two trains leaving the station at the exact same time, but one train will get you to your destination in...
hobby blocks book
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / OCT 18, 2017

You don’t need to include hobbies and interests on your CV unless you are applying for an entry-level position. It's a good idea to add them when you don’t have much work...
recruiters laughing at cvs
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / OCT 12, 2017

When looking for a job, most candidates do all they can to make sure their resume is outstanding. These ballsy candidates went above and beyond to ensure theirs...
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