Katy Perry
MONEY & SUCCESS / NOV 27, 2018

Pursuing a career in singing can be tough. There are late nights, unpaid gigs and endlessly pestering labels, not to mention the hours spent perfecting your social media...
JK Rowling at the movie premiere of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2' in London
MONEY & SUCCESS / OCT 03, 2018

When starting out, most budding writers are not thinking of six-figure advances, movie adaptations and merchandising lines. After all, simply getting published is a...
Bodyguard obstructing paparazzi's view of his client in an elevator with a second bodyguard

It’s easy to romanticise the work of bodyguards, especially since most of what we see on TV and movies glorifies the job. If they’re not saving the president from violent...
gandalf hit head
BREAK ROOM / DEC 10, 2015

As Bob Ross said “We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents” which kind of sounds like wetting yourself when drunk and smiling like an idiot. The thing is that...
Scarlett Johansson
BREAK ROOM / DEC 04, 2015

That dreaded red squiggly line in Word is the bane of many people’s existence: mostly grammar Nazis, STEM students, professionals (quasiparticle is a real word, damn...
tila tequila lying on couch
BREAK ROOM / NOV 29, 2015

Celebrities can typically be separated into two groups: those who have achieved fame due to some sort of talent or skill, and those who have achieved fame for all the...
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