The Real Back Room: Horrifying Exterminator Stories
BREAK ROOM / JUL 07, 2015

People love eating out, the food tastes better, there are no dishes to wash afterwards and we trust that our food handlers will bring us a clean, hygienic plate of food...
MONEY & SUCCESS / JUN 25, 2015

It’s so easy to find inspiration in everyday life, as long as you know how and where to look. The world is a lot more beautiful than you think and exhibits so many...
evolution of humans
BREAK ROOM / JUN 19, 2015

So, let’s set the record straight: I’m not a scientist, a biologist, or an astrobiologist. I research my topic, I try to make it funny and interesting for you, dear...
girl surprised

 If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.” George Bailey Failure affects us all, but we all view it differently. Below is a list of ten quotes from...
Profession of a Fortune Teller: Origins and Myths
BREAK ROOM / MAY 13, 2015

Velcome, velcome have a seat as I gaze into the hazy mist ov times to come. My crystal ball will reveal vhat fate holds for you. Actually, it won’t, I’m just a humble...
What Comes After the Internet? A Look into the Future of Technology
WEB & TECH / MAY 12, 2015

All human knowledge has been collected in a virtually bottomless and non-physical network available at any time and in its majority at no cost. Yet, most people use it to...
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