Close-up of a  handsome young businessman driving a car
BREAK ROOM / DEC 17, 2018

Let’s face it: most of us spend a large chunk of our professional lives commuting to work, whether it’s by car, bicycle, public transport or even on foot. If you drive to...
Young businessman driving
WORKPLACE / JUL 03, 2017

Driving is the most common method of commuting to work in the UK – in fact, a staggering 54.5% of all workers drive to work, compared to those who walk (9.8%) or take the...
happy funny young couple riding on bicycle
WORKPLACE / MAR 09, 2016

Work has many levels of hell, having to deal with micromanaging bosses, being forced to interact socially with other humans and the dreaded morning commute. Why is the...
girl on bike
WORKPLACE / JUN 07, 2013

Travelling long distances to work is often perceived in a negative light however there are in fact a number of reasons why people choose to commute. Commuting shouldn’t...
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