girl sunshine

Happiness. It’s that elusive cocktail of emotions that we all want to get our hands on and try as we might, is something that always seems ever so slightly out of reach...
Jennifer Lopez flower garden
WORKPLACE / AUG 31, 2015

Since we spend so much of our days sitting at our desks, it makes sense that we would want to create a beautiful office environment. And what’s even more conducive to...
The Real Hustle
BREAK ROOM / JUL 29, 2015

Let me first clarify that I am talking about people that counterfeit things and not people that work metal or gather things from the forest (especially considering those...
BREAK ROOM / JUL 23, 2015

What is life? Most people have likely pondered this question at one time or another through an introspective lens. After a long day of work they get home and think "what...
China Hangzhou West Lake
BREAK ROOM / JUL 17, 2015

Life is a funny thing; one minute it can be going great and we can feel like we’re on top of the world. Next it can all come crashing down and feel like we’ve hit rock...
summer zen
BREAK ROOM / JUL 01, 2015

It’s a busy day and you’ve been on the go since you arrived at your desk. You’ve got a million emails which you haven’t had time to answer yet, the third meeting of the...
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