Robocop Technology Will Change Our Future
WEB & TECH / JUL 04, 2015

Will future technologies propel us into a dystopian future, leaving those without the requisite creative and digital skills on the breadline, literally living from hand...
What Comes After the Internet? A Look into the Future of Technology
WEB & TECH / MAY 12, 2015

All human knowledge has been collected in a virtually bottomless and non-physical network available at any time and in its majority at no cost. Yet, most people use it to...
framing the future
BREAK ROOM / MAY 06, 2015

One of my favorite sayings about innovation is from the science fiction writer William Gibson, who said that the future already exists, but it’s unevenly distributed. It...
The B Team Explore The Future Of Work

Just as change seems to be occurring at an ever increasing pace, so too do the various buzzwords and trends inflicted upon us.  Whereas once social business was de...
A Nine Year Old’s Vision Of The Future: LASERS!
WEB & TECH / DEC 27, 2014

Pew! Pew! Pew! If you were a child between the mid-80s and 90s you should readily recognize that as the sound a cartoon laser makes. We grew up on excessively muscle...
SMART Kapp and The Whiteboard Of The Future
WEB & TECH / DEC 19, 2014

Meetings are one of those aspects of corporate life that can seem quite absurd.  It’s been estimated that as much as 50 percent of a leaders time is usually spent tied up...
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