Robocop Technology Will Change Our Future
WEB & TECH / JUL 04, 2015

Will future technologies propel us into a dystopian future, leaving those without the requisite creative and digital skills on the breadline, literally living from hand...
What Comes After the Internet? A Look into the Future of Technology
WEB & TECH / MAY 12, 2015

All human knowledge has been collected in a virtually bottomless and non-physical network available at any time and in its majority at no cost. Yet, most people use it to...
framing the future
BREAK ROOM / MAY 06, 2015

One of my favorite sayings about innovation is from the science fiction writer William Gibson, who said that the future already exists, but it’s unevenly distributed. It...
A Nine Year Old’s Vision Of The Future: LASERS!
WEB & TECH / DEC 27, 2014

Pew! Pew! Pew! If you were a child between the mid-80s and 90s you should readily recognize that as the sound a cartoon laser makes. We grew up on excessively muscle...
SMART Kapp and The Whiteboard Of The Future
WEB & TECH / DEC 19, 2014

Meetings are one of those aspects of corporate life that can seem quite absurd.  It’s been estimated that as much as 50 percent of a leaders time is usually spent tied up...
10 Forces Shaping the Future Workplace Now
WEB & TECH / DEC 04, 2014

Every workplace changes constantly. But it takes a while to start to notice trends. We’re starting to notice the trends of a more mobile digital age now. It’s important...
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